Reported On This Day 280 years ago (March 31 1739): Corsican rebels say they won’t sacrifice their integrity

The Belfast News Letter of March 20 1738 (which is March 31 1739 in the modern calendar)The Belfast News Letter of March 20 1738 (which is March 31 1739 in the modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of March 20 1738 (which is March 31 1739 in the modern calendar)
From the Belfast News Letter of March 20 1738. This is in fact equivalent to March 31 1739 in the modern calendar, because there was an 11-day time lag between the two calendars, and because the new year then began in late March, a few days after this edition.

LONDON, March I.

We hear that the Malecontents of Corsica are charmed with the News they have received of the approaching arrival of the Lord Theodore their Sovereign, to whom they all declare, that they never had the least intention to sacrifice their integrity, in not acknowledging him as their Supreme, but reflect very much upon the imposition and cunning of France, by making them Hostages to that Kingdom, but laying that aside, are still resolved to maintain their Resolution, in not submitting in the least to the Genoese, &c/ to make an obstinate and vigorous Defence, and with Scorn have rejected the Regulation that was published against them; since which, Orders have been issued, that in case any of the Countrymen should for the Time to come, have in any Shape whatever, Correspondence with the Genoese, they shall suffer Death, and their Estates and Effects forfeited.


ROBERT WILLS, Formerly Latin School-master,

NOW keeps Shop opposite the Stone Bridge, next Door to the Post-Office, and sells Teas, Sugars, and most Kinds of Groceries either in large or small Quantities, at as reasonable Prices, as any in this Town.

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N.B. He now has new Dutch Parsnip and Onion Seeds, London Carrot and other new Garden-Seeds, also new Flax-Seed and Hops, which he will sell at the lowest Rates.


On Wednesday last came on at the Assizes of Wicklow, the Trial of Mr. William Baker for the killing of George Johnson of Arcklow, and after the Examination of a great Number of credible Witnesses, the Thing appeared so very fair and clear, that in a short Time the Jury brought it in Man Slaughter in his own Defence.

We are assured, that the late Dr. Coghill left 1600l. in charitable Uses, and gave away several Sums before he died to Persons in Distress [£1,600 is around £370,000 in today’s money]


It is reported that the Parliament will sit till the latter end of May next, on account of the Affairs of Spain.

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This Day the Lords received from 
the Duke of Newcastle a Representation and State of the British Possessions in America, disputed by the King of Spain 22 of June 1731, with several other Representations relating to South Carolina. Then took the Convention into Consideration, when it was moved his Majesty should be addressed with Thanks in obtaining it, which Address was read, and being objected to, great Debates arose.

Thursday about four o’Clock Captain Vaughan arrived here from his Confinement at Cadiz; while he was there he saw his own Ship brought in, and was told she was sold for 9000 Rixdollars. And he is to be examined on Tuesday next at the Barr of the House of Commons, touching the Cruelties of the Spaniards to the Subjects of Great Britain.

[March 3.] Thursday last the Lords debated whether his Majesty should be addressed with thanks for his Prudence, in bringing the Demands of his Subjects for their past Losses (which have been so long depending) to a final Adjustment by the said Convention, and for procuring a speedy Payment, and preserving Peace between the two Crowns, and to assure his Majesty, that if his just Expectations shall not be answered, that House would heartily and zealously concur in all such Measures as might be thought necessary to vindicate his Majesty’s Honour, and preserve the Right of his People.

‘Tis now said the Dissenters have dropt their Design of petitioning the Parliament this Session for the Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts, and that the Quakers have likewise dropt theirs against Tythes, & c.

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The Commons read the Report of the Mutiny Bill, and order’d it to be engrossed, they also receiv’d Petitions against the Currier’s Bill, which were referr’d to a Committee, and then adjourn’d till Monday.


In a few Days will be publish’d,


Wherein the JOURNAL of a Learned and Political CLUB, &c. is continued; necessary to be bound up with that Volume.

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