Royal Black leader calls for prayer to protect healthcare workers

Royal Black Sovereign Grand Master Rev William AndersonRoyal Black Sovereign Grand Master Rev William Anderson
Royal Black Sovereign Grand Master Rev William Anderson
The Sovereign Grand Master of the Royal Black Institution, Rev William Anderson, has composed a prayer specifically for the uncertain times we face in the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Rev Anderson also appealed to members of the Institution to take time to pray at 7pm on Sunday night to the Lord to protect healthcare professionals, researchers and other key workers during the coronavirus crisis.

He has encouraged everyone to take part in the prayer initiative, but reminded them that they should do so from the safety of their own homes.

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“I have appealed to Sir Knights to take time this Sunday at 7pm to pray for the Lord to bring comfort in these dark days,” said Rev Anderson.

“Please do so in your own homes, and we will raise a prayer that will be heard in Heaven itself.”

Anyone taking part in this time of prayer on Sunday can simply bring their own heartfelt thoughts and concerns to God. However, Rev Anderson has also composed a special prayer for people to say if they wish to do so.

In the prayer, God is asked to keep health workers safe, and to give peace to those suffering from coronavirus and those who have already lost loved ones.

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The prayer also asks God to provide wisdom to political leaders during the crisis.

“Our Heavenly Father is the Great Physician. He is our rock and our refuge, and upon Him we can depend in our time of trouble,” said Rev Anderson.

The full text of the prayer can be found on the Royal Black Institution’s website:

Part of the prayer reads: “In these dark days of uncertainty Lord, give your comfort to all those who are in distress and worry.”