Service to mark 20th anniversary of Docklands bombing

A multi-faith service will be held next week on the 20th anniversary of the London Docklands bombing.

On February 9, 1996, the IRA detonated a massive lorry bomb in Canary Wharf, bringing an end to their ceasefire and killing two men.

Inam Bashir, 29, and John Jeffries, 31, had been working in their newspaper kiosk.

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Next Tuesday, at 1pm, at South Quay Station in London, the Docklands Victims Association (DVA) will hold a special service for all victims of international terrorist acts.

Guests will include survivors and the families of those killed in 7/7 attacks, Harrods bomb, as well as the Paris and Mumbai attacks.

During the event, 20 white doves will be released as a symbol of peace and to symbolise their desire for an end to all terrorist violence throughout the world.

Jonathan Ganesh, president of the DVA, said: “I can’t believe it is 20 years since the IRA with the help of Gaddafi blew up the London Docklands.

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“It only seems like yesterday that I was trying to dig my way out of the rubble.

“I still deeply miss my friends Inam and JJ.”

Victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer will be travelling across to attend the event.

“We in Northern Ireland will be attending this service. The IRA and all other terrorists groups throughout the world have no conscience as they do not care who gets maimed or killed. All terrorists are evil,” he said.

A bank cleaner at the time of the Docklands bombing paid this tribute to the two men who were murdered.

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“It is a day East London will never forget. I was cleaning the toilets in the b ank and the ceiling tiles came crushing down on my head. I was petrified. The boys in the newspaper shop were loved by all who know them. I still think of them,” said Joyce Brown.

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