Star Wars: Millennium Falcon touches down in Malin Head

The set as work began at Malin HeadThe set as work began at Malin Head
The set as work began at Malin Head
Star Wars' fever is heating up this week as work continues on the Malin Head set for Episode 8 - and the Millennium Falcon begins to take shape.

Hordes of people have made their way to Ireland’s most northerly point as construction work takes place at a site believed to be the location for the filming of scenes for Star Wars Episode VIII.’

While filming dates have not be confirmed, there is speculation this will take place in mid-May after Donegal County Council announced road closures for the area from May 13th until May 15th from 8am to 9pm.

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The road closure will be from the loop of Malin Head from Portronan Pier road junction to Malin Head Pier Road Junction and the Northtown Road. Donegal County Council said the closures were to facilitate “works” in the area.

Deputy Joe McHugh and Councillor Bernard McGuinness visited the location last week and said the crew already on set were grateful for the welcome they have received from the local community.

Deputy McHugh said while Star Wars’ was the focus at the minute, the crew’s decision to film at Malin Head could be “the start of more films” being shot at the location.

He said all those involved with the film are “very sensitive” towards issues surrounding the local environment, working within their permit and foreshore licences and of the beauty of the area.

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Deputy McHugh added that the film will also be “of huge value” to the promotion of the Wild Atlantic Way. He said while there were still some issues’ with infrastructure at Malin Head, this was a very positive development.

Yesterday at the Inishowen Municpial District meeting, councillors spoke of the long term benefits Star Wars would bring to the area.