The Bible offered solace in WWI's foxholes '“ now it's all-but forbidden

On the centenary of World War I, Britain's Empire Cinemas has rejected the Bible Society's short film on Armistice Day, according to The Times of London.
Letter to the editorLetter to the editor
Letter to the editor

What was believed to be a source of solace for soldiers in World War I, the Holy Bible, is now deemed verboten in a country that embraced the Judeo-Christian tradition for centuries.

The Empire decision demonstrates that secularism and multiculturalism have become the dominant religion in Britain, while Christianity is believed to be largely irrelevant.

Little did it occur to British soldiers in World War I that Armistice Day would come to this, 100 years later. That notion would have been furthest from their minds.

Brian Stuckey, Denver, Colorado

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