Stars’ coronavirus message to young people: ‘Don’t be a melter – keep your distance’

Tim McGarry is one of the famous faces backing the campaignTim McGarry is one of the famous faces backing the campaign
Tim McGarry is one of the famous faces backing the campaign
Some of Belfast’s most recognisable faces, including comedian and actor Tim McGarry, boxer James Tennyson and local legend May McFettridge, have joined forces in a short community-led film produced by Translink to support the ongoing fight against coronavirus.

The film asks young people to keep social distancing particularly at bus and train stops and on-board public transport.

Their call is, ‘Play Your Part and Don’t Be A Melter’ in order to help the country recover from the crisis and protect everyone in the community, especially the elderly and most vulnerable.

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The message is part of Translink’s wider ‘Let’s go safely together’ campaign.

Tim McGarry said: “I hate to say it, but I’ve actually enjoyed lockdown.

“I’ve been doing lots of reading and I’ve watched everything on Netflix. Joe Exotic is innocent by the way.

“And can I just say I have taken up online chess and I am crap at it. I get beaten every night and I go back and do it again.”

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He added: “Look, with all these things, including the buses, the pubs and the restaurants, what we all need to do is to show a little bit of responsibility.

“Keep your distance. Be nice to people. Everyone is under a little bit of pressure. Take it easy.

“Keep looking after the neighbours, keep the social distancing going, keep the sanitisation going. And most importantly keep safe.

“We will be talking about this 20 years from now telling our grandchildren what we did to play our part.”