Troubles investigations report ‘justifiable justice’, says DUP MP

DUP MP Gavin Robinson pictured at a debate in Belfast in 2015. 
Picture - Kevin Scott / Presseye
DUP MP Gavin Robinson pictured at a debate in Belfast in 2015. Picture - Kevin Scott / Presseye

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has described a report into historic Troubles related killings in Northern Ireland involving security forces as “justifiable justice”.

Mr Robinson welcomed the Defence Select Committee’s report “Investigation into Fatalities in Northern Ireland involving British Personnel”.

The report has recommended that a “statue of limitations” should be adopted, preventing former members of the military from being pursued for alleged historic crimes.

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A DUP spokesperson said: “As the only Northern Ireland member of the Defence Select Committee, Gavin (Robinson) has fought hard to build consensus amongst GB MPs that the time has come to defend those who bravely defended us all.”

Commenting on the report, Gavin Robinson MP said: “The last 20 years have been marred by the completely imbalanced treatment of those who terrorised our society; and those brave service personnel who ensured they would never succeed. Early release of prisoners, a maximum two year sentence for fresh terrorist convictions, odious On the Runs legislation and a secretive scheme to issue letters of immunity have all tarnished the balance of justice.

“Today’s report seeks to redress that iniquity. Offering Government four options on how they can best serve former soldiers. The committee are firmly recommending Government bring forward a statute of limitations. The proposal is derived from a debate lead by Sir Jeffrey Donaldson in Parliament earlier this year.

“I am delighted that the Committee also backed my amendment to recommend such a proposal would extend to members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and other security personnel. Government now know the action we believe they should take. Laid before Parliament today, my colleagues and I will ensure that following the election, they act. It’s time to deliver justifiable justice.”