UKIP call for immediate action on a united unionist election strategy

UKIP's Northern Ireland Councillors have called for all unionist parties to enter into serious talks about united unionist election strategies to maximise the pro-union vote in any future elections.

Tuesday, 28th March 2017, 12:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:23 pm
UKIP's David Jones. Picture by Philip Magowan / Press Eye.

A statement issued by UKIP councillor David Jones on behalf of the party in Northern Ireland read: “Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom is a matter which over-rides the marginal differences which now separate the unionist parties.

“It is a matter which all pro-union parties must address in the light of Sinn Fein’s devious attempts to link opposition to Brexit to a vote for a united Ireland.”

“We believe that this Sinn Fein strategy must be met by a strong resolve to maintain the union by all unionist minded people, whether that resolve is driven by a pro-union sentiment based on national identity or simply on personal economic interests.

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“Unionism must speak to all people who benefit from being part of the United Kingdom. Remaining part of the UK is the only sensible way forward for the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland, whether in business or on benefits, whether in a public or a private sector job, whether they consider themselves as British or Irish.

“People need to vote with their head and remember that Sinn Fein will lead both them and their children to their economic destruction.”