Update on Bimbo the dog: Animal charity says abandoned pet left fighting for life is now '˜making progress'

An animal rescue charity has publicly criticised the former owners of a dog that was '˜surrendered' to it suffering with a number of serious health problems.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 17th September 2016, 10:03 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:34 pm
Making progress: Bimbo.
Making progress: Bimbo.

Moira-based Almost Home Animal Rescue NI revealed that Bimbo, a Collie-type dog, had bladder stones, a womb infection and other life-threatening medical problems when she was left with its volunteers last week.

The charity said Bimbo was in ‘intensive care’ fighting for life, and that vets would make a decision on her future on Friday, September 16.

An update on the charity’s Facebook page on Saturday morning revealed that Bimbo is showing “slight improvement”.

Thanking the public for their messages of support and kind donations towards the dog’s care, an Almost Home spokesperson said: “We’ve just had a call to say that fingers crossed we can bring our beautiful girl home today. We don’t know what her long term prognosis will be, bloods showed glucose levels were back to normal but her kidneys are damaged and her bladder isn’t working to full capacity. We can’t thank you all enough, from a dog dumped in the pound, unwanted for whatever reason she’s now blessed to be loved by many.”

Earlier in the week, the charity used its Facebook page to hit out at the dog’s former owners about the condition it had been left in.

In a post written in the ‘dog’s words’ the charity said: “Bimbo here, last week you put me in the car, I was excited, going on a day out, the beach? Perhaps the park? But no, you handed me into the pound, a voluntary surrender (that’s the nice word used) you no longer wanted me.

“The people who worked there were lovely and tried hard to comfort me, nothing would make me feel any better. I can’t understand why you put me here. Was I too noisy? Did I take up to much time? I loved you.

“I arrived at Almost Home and had to be carried, I hear them say I’m extremely overweight, my coat is matted so badly with pooh. I’m ashamed as I couldn’t keep myself clean. Is that why you didn’t want me.

“I sit in the corner, don’t move, don’t look at anyone. Perhaps if they don’t notice me they won’t abandon me, like you did. I’ve been very sick, it scares me.

“The girls cut away my fur, it made them go outside, it must have smelt very bad.

“I arrived here on Saturday and yesterday I seen a vet, X-rays showed I have a massive amount of bladder stones, I’ve been in so much pain for such a long time. You didn’t get me spayed, I had pyometra, a womb infection which could have killed me.

“Are you thinking about me? Wondering if I’m okay? Today I’m in the vets, in intensive care, I hear them say I need to get through the next few days. I’m on a drip, they’re worried about peritonitis. I’m so overweight my kidneys were compressed and my bladder may not work. Do you care?

“The team here have only met me and immediately helped me, I gave you eight years of my life, I followed you everywhere, you were my world and you left me in the pound.

“The team here will look after me, they’ve promised I will never be thrown out again, I will get better and a new family will come who will love me FOREVER.

“I loved you, I gave you my everything and when I needed you most you left me.”

An Almost Home spokesperson added: “I hope somewhere her family read this, I doubt they’ll care. It’s not our place to judge but to pick up the pieces of the broken animals that arrive into our care. As we tell everyone ‘welcome to Almost Home, you’re nearly there. This is just a stop gap until we find you the most amazing FOREVER home.”

Anyone who would like to donate to Bimbo’s care can do so by using the PayPal address [email protected]