‘Artwork’ is a vile depiction of Jesus Christ

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am absolutely disgusted with the article (October 5) concerning “controversial artwork” which will go on display in Londonderry and particularly the despicable image of Jesus Christ.

The Word of God states that the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary was covered in His own Blood that was being poured out for sinful men and women and His visage was so marred with the “Blood, sweat and spittle” that he was virtually unrecognisable as a man but He was the Son of God sacrificed as “a bleeding Lamb” as he paid the cost for our sin.

To portray Jesus Christ in any other manner is utterly vile and sinful and to depict Christ on the Cross of Calvary bathed in urine is totally blasphemous and despicable as He is no longer on the Cross, or in the tomb but on the Throne in Heaven exalted at the right hand of God seeking to call all to repentance and turn back to Himself.

As a Christian and Elder in the church I believe and fully accept the Word of God as truth and the description of the sufferings and death of our Lord Jesus Christ as we find in Isaiah Chapters 52 and 53 and also in the Gospels of the New Testament which I would appeal for the organisers to read for themselves.

So I would encourage all believers to pray that this deplorable act of spiritual treachery will be condemned by the established churches and they discourage their people from having any other image of the suffering and rejected saviour of sinners.

Raymond Adams, Banbridge, Co Down