Clarity needed on MP’s Pride tweet

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a longstanding (but wavering) DUP voter, I would welcome some clarification from Mrs Little Pengelly as to the meaning of her Saturday Twitter greeting to her friends (DUP MP’s ‘surprising’ Pride message, Aug 6).

I have a number of gay friends – at work and in my extended family – but I am an ardent supporter of the traditional definition of marriage and those who seek to uphold it.

Hopefully Mrs Little Pengelly is in the same position but some press reports are hinting that her tweet is the first sign of new thinking within the DUP.

The petition of concern is a curate’s egg but I am concerned about Arlene Foster’s declared willingness to sacrifice it in the interests of so-called ‘political progress’.

Such a sacrifice would, inter alia, inevitably mean the introduction of same-sex marriage and the DUP will hold up their hands, claiming it wasn’t their doing.

How convenient that would be for a party which has moved so far from its founding principles of morality and integrity!

What is your position, Mrs Little Pengelly?

Cliff Cardwell, County Londonderry