David Ervine would have been disgusted at abuse of politics

The late David Ervine, who was leader of the Progressive Unionist Party. Photo: PA/PA Wire
The late David Ervine, who was leader of the Progressive Unionist Party. Photo: PA/PA Wire

The late David Ervine I’m sure would be deeply disgusted how our political system is being abused by all concerned.

I am penning this letter being a small part of the loyalist people who was involved in the talks process at Stormont all those years ago.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

I am unaware of the complete powers of the Secretary of Sate in dealing with the difficulties and the current situation in Stormont, however there must be some way of resolving the constant problems.

If it is within his power to get agreement on Dealing with the Past, Fresh start agreement, paramilitarilism, LGBT issues and the victims questions we need to clear those issues on the table before the political institutions are reinstated. If the political people cant or wont deal with these then a Civic Forum should be set up to pave a way forward regarding these. We cannot keep going back to the constant problems within the institutions as it is constantly eroding confidence in the structure and capability of government.

Every time we have a crisis its nearly one side or the other looking over its shoulder at its constituency being fearful of doing the right thing.

People on both sides have given in the process, Republicans have put the hand of friendship by meeting the Queen and attending remembrance acts towards the battle of the Somme. These things are good but they take away on the other hand by the removal of the flag and parading issues, that is how the loyalist community see it. The DUP have also given by sitting down with people seen as committing some of the most horrible crimes in the troubles and they have moved from a never, never, never stance to try and work within the institutions.

Personally around the LGBT and victims I have some serious issues as I feel they are holding back on much needed money over payments to those affected by the troubles. We need to sort all those issues out before we institute a new government or over the course of the next few years it will be much of the same.

I started with David Ervine and I will finish, I knew David personally well and know we all have to make sacrifices to gain the ultimate peace.

Just over 10 years after his death his full dream of a peaceful and prosperous country for all our people, unionist, loyalist, nationalist, republican and others.

Jim Wilson, loyalist community worker, East Belfast

David Ervine had free will not to join a terror group