NI citizens should have say on eighth

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The repeal or not of the eighth amendment in the Irish Republic will have island-wide ramifications.

The mother of a pregnant teenage girl in Belfast may be pleased that her daughter could travel for an abortion to Dundalk rather than Manchester or she may be horrified at the thought.

The liberal path Ireland has chosen recently will either continue or more conservative citizens will stand athwart and say stop.

The cultural consequences of the amendment’s repeal or not are too serious to be left to the voters of the Republic alone.

A Catalan-like referendum at the ballot box organised by concerned citizens in Northern Ireland on the same date as it is held in the south, with both votes tallied together would create a national and international sensation.

There are many northern, southern, and trans-border institutions and groupings on both sides of the issue who I am sure would get involved with and help such a project.

Kevin Buckley, Montclair, New Jersey, US