People’s Vote is a vehicle for pro-EU fifth columnists

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The launching of the People’s Vote campaign [a cross-party group demanding a public vote on the final Brexit deal] by Conservative MP Anna Soubrey and Labour MP Chuka Umunna sends another warped signal to Brussels that troublemakers in the UK will be willing allies of the EU in bashing the Government over Brexit.

Recent polls have clearly indicated that the numbers supporting leaving the EU have grown significantly with more people fully behind the Prime Minister in securing the best deal for Britain.

Yet in the midst of the exceptional trade negotiations it must sound like music to the ears of Brussels hearing fifth columnists undermining the democratic decision of the British people.

The unruly message from Soubrey and Umunna and those jumping on their band wagon is false bunkum and grossly misleading in attempting to give oxygen for a second referendum.

Let us hope that we are spared any promotion of the People’s Vote, which is a joke in name choice alone, and that the campaign stays with the upwardly mobile we-are-more-European-than-British sell-out luvvies, and finds no conscripts here.

David McNarry