PSNI has lost the right to claim that it is impartial

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

An open letter to the chief constable:

In the aftermath of our Public Witness on Saturday (5th Inst) your police force can no longer claim to be impartial.

1. By allowing your officers to participate in a street protest they have become subversives not enforcers of the rule of law

2. By allowing your officers to participate while refusing other constables the same privileges you have stabbed fairness in the heart.

3. By allowing your officers to participate you have blatantly destroyed the fundamental principle of policing - that justice is blind.

4. By allowing your officers to participate you have effectively gesticulated to the evangelical community as demonstrated by DCC Harris who made it clear that officers would not be permitted to join a Christian witness in opposition to this rotten parade.

5. By allowing officers to participate you have openly endorsed the irrationality of DCC Harris who stated that he was identifying the police service with a section of society whom he alleges were the victims of hate crime yet refused to apply the same reasoning to others who are victims of hate crime.

6. By allowing your officers to participate in what DCC openly admitted was a political event, you have done what your predecessors never did- politicise policing

You Sir, as Chief Constable are either a fool, naive or disingenuous.

An ancient text (paraphrased) states, a fool fails to understand but delights to give his opinion (Prov 18:2) Your Assistant, Harris, fits that description.

Do you too?

One thing is clear, you have forfeited the right to claim the PSNI is impartial.

That has been effectively destroyed as of Saturday August 5th 2017.

Rev E T Kirkland, Free Church (Continuing), Ballyclare