Trump was never a warmonger

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We all need to spare a thought for ‘never Trumper’ liberals worldwide, whose heads must be exploding again today.

I never bought the Trump mad warmonger narrative.

Or the Kim mad rocket man one either.

North Korea was afraid of what? Ending up like Libya, Iraq, Syria.

I was somewhat concerned when Rex Tillerson was replaced by the neo-con John Bolton some weeks ago, that we were edging toward conflict. Now I get it.

Bolton was the “bad cop” figure, who was able to tell Kim that we are not going to do a Saddam/Gaddafi/Assad on you. But if you try any more nonsense with missiles we will ‘kick your ass’.

This seemed to have worked.

I never believed Trump was a warmonger, his background is in the service industries and real estate.

Trump would prefer to open a few resorts in the 38th parallel rather than bombing the Korean peninsula back into the stone age.

Barack Obama soon after taking office was awarded a Nobel peace prize, then he and his side kick Hillary Clinton proceeded to destroy Libya.

However, I wouldn’t be placing any bets on ‘the Donald’ to become a laureate any time soon.

Brian Gibson, Comber