Pre-loved items in your home could earn £4,300

Selling unwanted household goods online could be the best way to make some extra money during lockdown.

Research shows that the average Brit could be sitting on a fortune of more than £4,300 based on items that are being sold during lockdown on Gumtree and eBay websites.

These are the top ten best items to sell right now:

Bikes - selling for £35 to £300

Most Popular

    Bikes are in high demand so, if you’ve got one that you aren’t using at the moment, whether you’ve grown out or replaced it, try advertising it online to get the best price.

    Baby toys - selling for £3 to £60 per item

    From dolls and Lego to grown-out-of clothes now is the time to clear out all your hand me downs.

    Household goods - selling for £30 to £120

    From smaller furniture to household decorations, you can make up to £120 online.

    TVs - selling for £50 to £300

    Do you have an old TV lying around? Even broken ones are fetching up to £50 online!

    Mobile phone - selling for £60 to £300

    Samsung and iPhone are the most popular make selling online, whether you have an old model or another brand, have a look at what you could make online.

    Prams - selling for £30 to £150

    Prams can be costly and there are thousands of new parents looking online for cheaper alternatives.

    Dining room furniture - selling for £50 to £2,000

    Dining room sets are among the most popular on the list.

    Gym equipment - selling for £25 to £300

    Gym equipment is becoming hard to come by, so they’re a hot commodity to sell during lockdown.

    Laptop - selling for £80 to £275

    Delete your games, wipe your hard drive of personal information and sell on your old model.

    Jewellery - selling for £3 to £1,000

    Unwanted jewellery items, ranging from vintage brooches to Pandora charms and bracelets, are high on the list, which has been compiled by H&T Pawnbrokers.

    (photos: Shutterstock)