Eventers '˜Sunshine Tour'

With the recent postponement of Tyrella, the Northern Region, in association with Meadows Equestrian Centre, decided to provide a competition outlet for its members by holding a Flexi Eventing Day.

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Thursday, 5th April 2018, 8:51 am
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 8:55 am
Katie Riley riding Versace Biscuit in the 1.20m Showjumping
Katie Riley riding Versace Biscuit in the 1.20m Showjumping

This event was supported by Judy Maxwell of Baileys Horse Feeds.

It certainly proved to be a good call because over 450 combinations turned out to participate in any one, two or three disciplines on a day which was christened ‘The Eventers’ Sunshine Tour’.

There was wall to wall sunshine at the Co Armagh venue where action started promptly at 9am and continued until 5.30pm.

There were in excess of 60 Intro entries which required a class split.

Heading the ‘A’ section was Ruth Logan with Posh, a nine year old by Obelix whom she has just partnered around seven months. This gelding was broken late and has just completed two events to date but has definitely created a partnership we’ll be hearing a lot more about.

Jenny Lindsay took the runner up spot with her new mount, L’tara’s Jenny, a pure bred Connemara mare by Dolan Mick out of a Champion Bob dam. This partnership has just been forged for six months and they have their sights firmly set on Balmoral.

Top of the ‘B’ section was fourteen year old Charlotte Keers with Western Ocala, a six year old Connemara whom she has had for two years. They made their eventing debut last year and also made their mark in the Pony Club Championships in England last year, gaining a third placing. They are hoping to progress to EI100 this season.

Second place went to Lucy McIlroy with Imperial Black Pearl, her five year old mare whom she introduced to eventing last year.

In the Pre Novice section, Tori Dixon and Arnie, no strangers to podium finishes, topped the leaderboard, followed by Adam Haugh with the first of his top six finishes, his five year old mare, Rathpierce Emerald Lady. Adam also took fourth place with Van Thee Man as well as a second spot in the Intermediate class with Jezebelle.

Denis Currie continued his good run with another red rosette in the Novice class on Arodstown Aramis. He was followed, one point behind, by Jim Newsam on Handel.

The Intermediate winner was Charlotte Dixon with Zermie, again, no strangers to success at this level.

Meantime, Arena 2 staff were kept extremely busy with the showjumping classes which started promptly at 9am and continued until late evening. The standard of competition was very high with a good percentage of double clears being recorded across the classes from 70cms through to 1.20m.

Arena 3 hosted the all weather cross country courses which are proving very popular with eventers, would-be eventers and those who have never thought about that discipline before. With a great selection of fences to suit all abilities at 80cms, 90cms and 1m, it is undoubtedly a very valuable training asset at this time of the year.

Huge thanks go to all the judges, scribes, call up stewards, arena personnel, secretarial staff, scorers for all their help in ensuring that all three arenas ran like clockwork.

Finally, thanks go to Judy Maxwell of Baileyshorsefeeds for her continuing support and sponsorship of this impromptu event which was much appreciated.

Full results


Arena 1- Intro ‘A’ – Test 91 (2009)- Judge: Sally Hodgkinson: 1. Ruth Logan, Posh; 2. Jenny Lindsay, L’tara’s Jenny; 3. Toby Fynn, Archie; 4. Gail McIlwaine, Miss Ballyrolly; 5= Maillaidh Magee, Dakota Cruise and Hannah Ewart, Rockrimmon PJ’s Pride

Arena 1- Intro ‘B’ – Test 91 (2009)- Judge: Martina McKinley

1. Charlotte Keers, Western Ocala; 2. Lucy McIlroy, Imperial Black Pearl; 3= Kathryn Henderson, Betty and Georgina Brown, Ballycreen Milady; 5. Justine Harding, Bonmahon quickstep; 6. Claire Sinton, Teddy

Arena 2 – Pre Novice – Test 101 (2009) – Judge: Myra Greeves: 1. Tori Dixon, Arnie; 2. Adam Haugh, Rathpierce Emerald Lad; 3= Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler and Adam Haugh, Van Thee Man; 5. Alex Byrne, Chinook Calibra; 6. Colin Halliday, Harry.

Arena 3 – Novice- Test 110 (2012)- Angeline Nicholson: 1. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2. Jim Newsam, Handel; 3. Robyn McCluskey, Hector; 4. Justine Harding, Charissma; 5. Catherine Robinson, Alice; 6. Catherine Robinson, Squirrel

Arena 3 – Intermediate- Test 115 (2011)- Angeline Nicholson: 1. Charlotte Dixon, Zermie 2. Adam Haugh, Jezebelle; 3. Jim Newsam, Welly; 4. Jim Newsam, Murph; 5. Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny; 6. Kate Gibney, Ben’s Gold

Showjumping – Double Clears

70cms: Katie Robinson, Cloud, Susan Cummiskey, Holly

80cms: Katie Robinson, Cloud, Olivia Byrne, Buck Rodgers, Ralph Robinson, Ballyrainey Jack, Cormac McElroy, Jessie, Catherine McCauley, Archie, Stephen Gibson, Denis, Kamryn McQuaid, Rosie, Sophie Morrow, Derrymattery Fudge, Cormac McElroy, Lulu

90cms: Victoria Wray, Uncle Ben, Emily Corbett, Coco, Alex Turley, Summer, Craig Carson, Buddy, Adrianne Hurst, Hawkie, Ailsa Martin, Shakira, Amy Willis, Lisbane Duno, Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny, Irene McClerkin, Foxy, Beverley Caves, Fanta, Darren Rodgers, Kitty, Ella McCourt, Cooper, Charlotte Greer, Lucy Telford, Molly Parkes, India, Tara Fergus, Tirconnell River Rose

1m: Chloe Harrison, Paradise Cavalier, Emily Corbett, Prada, Jonny Steele, Bella, Neil Morrison, Jerry, Melissa McKee, Beach Babe, Rachel McKee, Dolly, Rocco Quinn, Princess, Olivia Quinn, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Freya Kennedy, Carrickview Diamond Gayle, Katie O’Hare, Hero, Toby Fynn, archie, Maillaidh Magee, Dakota Cruise, Justine Harding, Bonmahon Quickstep, Joanna Eames, Minnie, Rachel Keys, Drumnaconnell Bellagio, Paul Caves, Jerry, Colin Halliday, Rocky, Erin Barlow, VSS Bling Bling, Amy Giles, Dunmore Prince, Megan Nelson, DukeJames McEvoy, Belay, Mark Calvert, GlenLucinda Mills, Indiana, Catherine Robinson, Michael, Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India, Hannah Thompson, Sophie, Colin Halliday, Clover, Saphira Murphy, Grace, Camella McDowell, Jeannie.

1.10m: Neil Morrison, Cheeky, Lesley Webb, Kilpatrick Lord, Holly McClenaghan, Miranda, Herbie Purce, stan, Kerry Magill, Toffee, Dayna Curtis, Cillnabradden Cuig, Robyn McCluskey, Hector, Catherine Robinson, Squirrel, Florence Campbell, George, Rose de Montmorency, Toes, Orlagh Kelly, Elsarco, Katie McKee, Teddy, Neil Morrison, Jake, Toni Quail, Ringfort Rua, Ellie Parkhill, Mac, Gilly Houston, Joey

1.20m: Clare Abbott, Sparky, Lisa Priestley, Corlioni.