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By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 6:00 am
Robin Van Persie. Pic by PA.
Robin Van Persie. Pic by PA.

1. Lee Blackett is the head coach of which Premiership Rugby side?

2. Which men’s tennis player has won the most Hopman Cup titles?

3. How many did he win?

4. Which English football team’s emblem features the White Rose of York?

5. Who scored more goals for Arsenal, Robin Van Persie or Ian Wright?

6. How many times has Australian batsman Steve Smith been dismissed for a duck in Test cricket?

7. Baker Mayfield plays quarterback for which NFL team?

8. In which year was rugby league’s Super League competition founded?

9. Footballers Gareth Bale, Craig Bellamy and Ryan Giggs were all born in which city?

10. Do the Denver Nuggets play in the NBA’s Eastern or Western Conference?

Answers: 1. Wasps; 2. Roger Federer; 3. Three; 4. Leeds; 5. Ian Wright; 6. Five; 7. Cleveland Browns; 8. 1996; 9. Cardiff; 10. Western Conference