FLASHBACK: Try our sports quiz

Test your sporting knowledge:

Tim Henman, Pic by PA.
Tim Henman, Pic by PA.

1. How many times did Tim Henman make the Wimbledon semi-finals?

2. The Walker Cup and Curtis Cup are amateur events in which sport?

3. Who scored a double-century for New Zealand in their second Test victory over Pakistan last week?

4. In which sport would you find the terms “dedans”, “tambour” and the “hazard chases”?

5. The Duke of Cambridge supports which Premier League club?

6. With which sport would you associate the name Tyler Wright?

7. Who has won more Olympic medals out of Italy and China?

8. Who scored for Wolves in their 1-0 win over Crystal Palace in the FA Cup on Friday night?

9. South Africa’s Luvo Manyonga is facing sanctions over alleged breaches of anti-doping rules. In which pursuit is he an Olympic silver medallist?

10. How many tries were scored as Wasps beat Bath 52-44 in the Gallagher Premiership on Friday night?

Answers: 1. Four; 2. Golf; 3. Kane Williamson; 4. real (or royal) tennis; 5. Aston Villa; 6. Surfing; 7. Italy (577 to 543); 8. Adama Traore; 9. Long jump; 10. 11.