Champions Linfield host Institute on opening day as fixtures are released

Champions Linfield will begin their defence of the Danske Bank Premiership with a home game against Institute on Saturday 10 August.

Linfield host Institute on the opening day
Linfield host Institute on the opening day

The fixtures for the new campaign were released on Wednesday morning with some intriguing ties on the opening day.

Managerless Coleraine will entertain Cliftonville, Crusaders host newly-promoted Carrick Rangers, last year's runners-up Ballymena United travel to Dungannon Swifts, Glenavon take on Glentoran, and high-flying Larne welcome Warrenpoint Town to Inver Park.

The teams are back in action again three days later with another real cracker in store as Ballymena welcome the Blues to Warden Street.

There's an East Antrim derby as Carrick host Larne, Coleraine travel to Glentoran, Cliftonville entertain Gary Hamilton's Glenavon, Institute face Dungannon and Crusaders are on the road to Warrenpoint.

DANSKE BANK PREMIERSHIPSaturday 10 August 3pmColeraine v CliftonvilleCrusaders v Carrick RangersDungannon Swifts v Ballymena UnitedGlenavon v GlentoranLarne v Warrenpoint TownLinfield v Institute

Tuesday 13 August 7.45pmBallymena United v LinfieldCarrick Rangers v LarneCliftonville v GlenavonGlentoran v ColeraineInstitute v Dungannon SwiftsWarrenpoint Town v Crusaders

Saturday 17 August 3pmCliftonville v CrusadersDungannon Swifts v GlentoranGlenavon v Warrenpoint TownInstitute v Carrick RangersLarne v Ballymena UnitedLinfield v Coleraine

Saturday 24 August 3pmBallymena United v GlentoranCarrick Rangers v CliftonvilleColeraine v InstituteCrusaders v LarneDungannon Swifts v GlenavonLinfield v Warrenpoint Town

Saturday 31 August 3pmCarrick Rangers v Ballymena UnitedCrusaders v Dungannon SwiftsGlenavon v ColeraineGlentoran v InstituteLarne v LinfieldWarrenpoint Town v Cliftonville

Saturday 7 September 3pmBallymena United v Warrenpoint TownCliftonville v LinfieldColeraine v Dungannon SwiftsGlenavon v Carrick RangersGlentoran v LarneInstitute v Crusaders

Saturday 14 September 3pmBallymena United v ColeraineCrusaders v GlenavonDungannon Swifts v CliftonvilleInstitute v LarneLinfield v GlentoranWarrenpoint Town v Carrick Rangers

Saturday 21 September 3pmCarrick Rangers v LinfieldCliftonville v InstituteColeraine v CrusadersGlenavon v Ballymena UnitedGlentoran v Warrenpoint TownLarne v Dungannon Swifts

Saturday 28 September 3pmBallymena United v CliftonvilleColeraine v LarneCrusaders v GlentoranDungannon Swifts v Carrick RangersLinfield v GlenavonWarrenpoint Town v Institute

Saturday 5 October 3pmCarrick Rangers v ColeraineCrusaders v LinfieldGlentoran v CliftonvilleInstitute v Ballymena UnitedLarne v GlenavonWarrenpoint Town v Dungannon Swifts

Saturday 12 October 3pmBallymena United v CrusadersCliftonville v LarneColeraine v Warrenpoint TownDungannon Swifts v LinfieldGlenavon v InstituteGlentoran v Carrick Rangers

Saturday 19 October 3pmCarrick Rangers v Dungannon SwiftsCrusaders v ColeraineInstitute v CliftonvilleLarne v GlentoranLinfield v Ballymena UnitedWarrenpoint Town v Glenavon

Saturday 26 October 3pmCarrick Rangers v Warrenpoint TownCliftonville v Dungannon SwiftsColeraine v LinfieldGlenavon v CrusadersGlentoran v Ballymena UnitedLarne v Institute

Saturday 2 November 3pmBallymena United v LarneCrusaders v InstituteDungannon Swifts v ColeraineGlenavon v CliftonvilleLinfield v Carrick RangersWarrenpoint Town v GlentoranSaturday 9 November 3pmBallymena United v Carrick RangersCliftonville v Warrenpoint TownColeraine v GlenavonInstitute v GlentoranLarne v CrusadersLinfield v Dungannon Swifts

Saturday 16 November 3pmCarrick Rangers v CrusadersCliftonville v Ballymena UnitedDungannon Swifts v LarneGlentoran v GlenavonInstitute v LinfieldWarrenpoint Town v Coleraine

Saturday 23 November 3pmBallymena United v InstituteColeraine v Carrick RangersCrusaders v Warrenpoint TownGlenavon v LinfieldGlentoran v Dungannon SwiftsLarne v Cliftonville

Saturday 30 November 3pmCarrick Rangers v GlenavonCliftonville v GlentoranDungannon Swifts v CrusadersInstitute v ColeraineLinfield v LarneWarrenpoint Town v Ballymena United

Saturday 7 December 3pmCarrick Rangers v InstituteColeraine v GlentoranCrusaders v Ballymena UnitedDungannon Swifts v Warrenpoint TownGlenavon v LarneLinfield v Cliftonville

Saturday 14 December 3pmBallymena United v Dungannon SwiftsCliftonville v Carrick RangersGlentoran v CrusadersInstitute v GlenavonLarne v ColeraineWarrenpoint Town v Linfield

Saturday 21 December 3pmBallymena United v GlenavonCarrick Rangers v GlentoranCliftonville v ColeraineDungannon Swifts v InstituteLinfield v CrusadersWarrenpoint Town v LarneThursday 26 December 3pm Coleraine v Ballymena UnitedCrusaders v CliftonvilleGlenavon v Dungannon SwiftsGlentoran v LinfieldInstitute v Warrenpoint TownLarne v Carrick Rangers

Saturday 28 December 3pmColeraine v LinfieldCrusaders v Dungannon SwiftsGlenavon v Warrenpoint TownGlentoran v Ballymena United Institute v Carrick RangersLarne v Cliftonville

Saturday 1 January 3pmBallymena United v LarneCarrick Rangers v ColeraineCliftonville v GlenavonDungannon Swifts v GlentoranLinfield v InstituteWarrenpoint Town v Crusaders

Saturday 11 January 3pmCliftonville v LinfieldColeraine v CrusadersDungannon Swifts v Ballymena UnitedGlenavon v InstituteGlentoran v Warrenpoint TownLarne v Carrick Rangers

Saturday 18 January 3pmBallymena United v GlenavonCarrick Rangers v CliftonvilleCrusaders v LarneInstitute v GlentoranLinfield v Dungannon SwiftsWarrenpoint Town v Coleraine

Saturday 25 January 3pmCarrick Rangers v Warrenpoint TownColeraine v CliftonvilleCrusaders v Ballymena UnitedDungannon Swifts v InstituteLarne v GlentoranLinfield v Glenavon

Saturday 8 February 3pmBallymena United v Carrick RangersCliftonville v Dungannon SwiftsGlenavon v CrusadersGlentoran v ColeraineInstitute v LarneWarrenpoint Town v Linfield

Friday 14 February 7.45pmBallymena United v LinfieldColeraine v GlenavonCrusaders v CliftonvilleDungannon Swifts v LarneGlentoran v Carrick RangersWarrenpoint Town v Institute

Saturday 22 February 3pmCarrick Rangers v Dungannon SwiftsCliftonville v Ballymena UnitedGlenavon v GlentoranInstitute v ColeraineLarne v Warrenpoint TownLinfield v Crusaders

Saturday 7 March 3pmBallymena United v ColeraineCarrick Rangers v LinfieldCrusaders v InstituteDungannon Swifts v Warrenpoint TownGlentoran v CliftonvilleLarne v Glenavon

Saturday 14 March 3pmColeraine v Dungannon SwiftsCrusaders v GlentoranGlenavon v Carrick RangersInstitute v CliftonvilleLinfield v LarneWarrenpoint Town v Ballymena United

Saturday 21 March 3pmBallymena United v InstituteCarrick Rangers v CrusadersCliftonville v Warrenpoint TownDungannon Swifts v GlenavonGlentoran v LinfieldLarne v Coleraine