My Top 10 Players: Andy McGrory

Ballymena United’s Andy McGrory names his 10 favourite players and the reasons why...

Friday, 17th April 2020, 8:27 pm
Updated Friday, 17th April 2020, 8:28 pm
Ballymena United's Andy McGrory

Who made the final list?

Someone I loved watching, especially when he played for Argentina - he just loved scoring goals.
A part of that great Brazil team of the 90s - he was great to watch and could score all types of goals.

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What a player he was - technically so good, very rarely made a mistake or misplaced a pass and could also hit a free-kick!
When he was dribbling with the ball he would beat players with ease. Ive just about forgiven him for his performance against Man United in the Champions League for AC Milan!
Growing up watch the Brazil team in the 1990s, Ronaldo was the Messi of that era - nobody could touch him, he was on the next level. Its just a shame that, due to his injuries, we never got to see more of him.
His goals alone would get him in any team but the work he does off the pitch separates him from any player in the world. To be playing at the top at 35 years old and still scoring and playing the way he does is unbelievable.
He made it look so easy - he had eyes on the back of his head and used to play football walking! His performances in the 1998 World Cup finals made me love him.
One of the most talented footballers in the world EVER and would probably be in anyones favourite team of all time.
Made the game look so easy and every time I watched him it was like he was playing in the park with his mates.
Growing up as a winger myself, I tried everything he did (and bought everything he wore) - the way he carried himself off the field was second-to-none. Definitely one of my idols growing up.