Rangers manager's 'beauty' of a fancy dress stunt revealed

Steven Gerrard dressed as an old man for a Liverpool Christmas party.
Steven Gerrard dressed as an old man for a Liverpool Christmas party.

Steven Gerrard bamboozled Liverpool team-mates and the paparazzi when he turned up to a Christmas night out dressed as an old firm, complete with mobility scooter and prosthetic mask.

Speaking in his latest BBC Radio 5Live podcast, Peter Crouch revealed the lengths the Rangers manager went to for the fancy dress party.

Crouch, who played alongside Gerrard at Liverpool between 2005 and 2008, wasn't the only one fooled as the Liverpool legend's crafty disguise saw him avoid the paparazzi waiting at the location of the party.

He said: "I remember Stevie came as an old man. That was a beauty because he had a prosthetic mask and a mobility scooter. He looked like an old man. He had a pipe, flat cap on.

"There was paparazzi, photographers outside and everyone was getting photographed coming in. I always remember it, Stevie just buzzed straight in. They genuinely thought it was just an old man going for a pint.

"It was so funny. He just buzzed down, said 'excuse me, lads' and the fellas just parted and helped him in."

The standards Gerrard has set and the respect earned within Ibrox has been put down as one of the key reasons for the club's success so far this season, reaching the group stages of the Europa League and rising to second in the league.

Assistant manager Gary McAllister said: "He’s managed games from on the pitch for a long time at the highest level and that’s how he’s been able to go into the job and cope. The biggest thing a manager needs is respect and he’s got that in abundance.”