High Flyers lift title at Mossvale

On Saturday, April 29, Mossvale ran the final of the Bailey's Junior League with seven teams fighting it out for placings.

Charley Hanna winner of the individual on the day and overall title with with Judy Maxwell, from Bailey's
Charley Hanna winner of the individual on the day and overall title with with Judy Maxwell, from Bailey's

Organisers were delighted with the event, with a spokesperson commenting: “Many thanks to Judy Maxwell from Bailey’s for the very kind sponsorship throughout the league and for the bags of feed at the final. All was very much appreciated by everyone.

“Thanks also to everyone who helped in anyway at each round. These events wouldn’t run without you all.

“Most of the teams came from the Kilkeel area and for some of the kids it was their first time competing in a team event.

“Well done to everyone. What great families and friends you all have - the support was unreal. We hope to see you all back next season.”


Saturday 10th June: Armagh Show (SJ Arenas organised by the Jess Family.

Saturday 15th July: Castlewellan Show at SJ Arenas organised by Mossvale.

Saturday 22nd July: Mossvale Summer Working Hunter Show at Mossvale Equestrian Centre.

Saturday 5th August: Mossvale Summer Showjumping Show at Mossvale Equestrian Centre.


1st, Gamekeepers High Flyers: Cara Cunningham - Hazy; Charley Hanna - Trigger; Andrew Hanna - Mr A.C. Drummer; Charley Hanna - Hazy.

2nd, Mossvale Chatterboxes: Hannah Orr - Humbug; Lewis Orr - Lynch; Ruby Kinkaid - Houdini; Zara Smyth - Tootsie.

3rd, Gamekeepers Mane Attraction: Sarah Jane Trainor - Star; Tierna Harper - Jessie; Lauren McGrath - Poppy; Caitlin Steenson - Duke.

4th, Gamekeepers Golden Gallopers: Maura Horan Maybaum - Belle; Grainne Rooney - Bailey; Caitlin Trainor - Star; Emma Gillespie - Summer.

5th, Rec Machines: Lee Murphy - Belle; Louise Hudson - Panda; Robyn Donnelly - Jo Jo; Ellen Hamilton - Sami.

6th, Gamekeepers Giggling Girls: Molly Magorrian - Dougal; Molly Maginn - Giggles; Molly Magorrian - Roxy; Jessica Wilson - Dougal.

7th, Rec Pocket Rockets: Rhianna Martin - Jo Jo; Victoria Hamilton - Sami; Katie Creegan - Molly; Rebekah Blakely - Chance.

Individuals : 1st, Charley Hanna - Hazy; 2nd, Andrew Hanna - Mr A.C. Drummer; 3rd, Zara Smyth - Tootsie; 4th, Lee Murphy - Belle; 5th, Sarah Jane Trainor - Star; 6th, Kaitlyn Steenson - Duke


Teams: 1st, Gamekeepers High Flyers; 2nd, Gamekeepers Mane Attraction; 3rd, Mossvale Chatterboxes; 4th, REC Pocket Rockets; 5th, Gamekeepers Golden Gallopers; 6th, REC Machines; 7th, Gamekeepers Giggling Girls

Individuals overall: 1st, Charley Hanna - Hazy; 2nd Andrew Hanna - Mr A.C. Drummer; 3rd, Sarah Jane Trainor - Star; 4th, Lauren McGrath - Poppy;5th, Zara Smyth - Tootsie; 6th, Rhianna Martin - Jo Jo.