Full round-up of all the results from the Armoy Road Races

All the results from the Bayview Hotel Armoy Road Races in Co Antrim at the weekend.

Sunday, 1st August 2021, 12:24 pm
Updated Sunday, 1st August 2021, 12:26 pm
Armoy 'Race of Legends' winner Michael Dunlop with runner-up Davey Todd (left) and Derek McGee, who finished third on Saturday.

Bayview Hotel Race of Legends

1 M Dunlop (BMW); 2 D Todd (Honda) +9.365s; 3 D McGee (Kawasaki) +9.422s; 4 M Sweeney (BMW) +9.830s; 5 P Crowe (BMW) +10.940s; 6 M Browne (Suzuki) +17.90s; 7 A Farrell (Honda 600) +52.497s; 8 R Charlton (BMW) +52.505s. Fastest lap: Dunlop 105.785mph.

Euro Autospares Open A

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1 M Dunlop (BMW); 2 D Sheils (BMW) +7.639s; 3 D McGee (Kawasaki) +7.818s; 4 M Sweeney (BMW) +9.391s; 5 D Todd (Honda) +17.066s; 6 P Crowe (BMW) +23.757s; 7 M Browne (Suzuki) +31.270s; 8 P Jordan (Suzuki) +31.819s. New lap record: Dunlop 106.949mph.

Hilton Car Sales Supersport 1(Friday)

1 M Dunlop (Yamaha); 2 A McLean (Kawasaki) +1.698s; 3 D Todd (Honda) +9.281s; 4 M Browne (Yamaha) +12.348s; 5 P Jordan (Yamaha) +12.393s; 6 D Herbertson (Yamaha) +12.88s. Fastest lap: Dunlop 102.769mph.

Clyde Shanks Supersport Race 2

1 M Dunlop (Yamaha); 2 D McGee (Kawasaki) +0.038s; 3 A McLean (Kawasaki) +5.327s; 4 D Todd (Honda) +10.882s; 5 D Herbertson (Kawasaki) +14.351s; 6 J Loughlin (Kawasaki) +25.785s. Fastest lap: Dunlop 103.432mph.

ABO Wind Supertwin

1 D McGee (Kawasaki); 2 J Loughlin (Paton) +7.686s; 3 A McLean (Kawasaki) +7.814s; 4 D Herbertson (Kawasaki) +14.961s; 5 B Rea (Kawasaki) +38.066s; 6 A Farrell (Kawasaki) +39.671s. New lap record: McGee 98.816mph.

Stanley Stewart Racing Moto3/125GP/SS300

1 M Browne (Honda); 2 M Kennedy (Honda) +21.783s; 3 E O’Siochru (Honda) +21.989s; 4 N Moore (Honda) +26.142s. Fastest lap: Browne 87.908mph.

Tilesplus Senior Classic

1 I Lougher (500 MV Agusta); 2 G Martin (750 BSA) +1.407s; 3 R Ford (Norton 920) +25.390s; 4 B Rea (Honda 500-4) +27.744s. Fastest lap: Lougher 86.576mph.

McAlonan Oils Junior Classic

1 D Herbertson (Honda 350); 2 B Davidson (Honda 350) +18.266s; 3 L Murphy (Honda 350) +42.968s; 4 G Stinson (Honda 350) +51.278s. New lap record: Herbertson 84.417mph.

JW Hickinson/James McKillop Junior Support

1 E O’Siochru (Kawasaki 650); 2 K Baker (Kawasaki 650) +19.259s; 3 M Gillan (Suzuki 650) +19.755s; 4 M Mace (Kawasaki 650) +25.433s. Fastest lap: O’Siochru 91.513mph.

Park Electrical Services/Brap Moto Senior Support

1 E O’Siochru (Yamaha 600); 2 J Oliver (Kawasaki 600) +1.156s; 3 K Ryan (Triumph 675) +11.420s; 4 K Barsby (Yamaha 600) +16.031s. Fastest lap: O’Siochru 94.599mph.

Torra Homes Open B

1 S Johnson (Suzuki); 2 S Tobin (Kawasaki 600) +6.686s; 3 T Henry (Yamaha 600) +9.711s; 4 S McKnight (BMW) +18.677s. Fastest lap: Johnson 95.209mph.

MJF Construction Supertwin B

1 A Redmond (Kawasaki); 2 M Rees (Kawasaki) +2.223s; 3 M Gillan (Suzuki) +18.004s; 4 M Mace (Kawasaki) +27.601s. Fastest: Redmond 91.483mph.

Diamond Bar/Mermaid Club Lightweight Supersport/250GP (Friday)

1 M Dunlop (250 Honda); 2 D McGee (Yamaha 450) +0.4s; 3 S Elliott (Yamaha 400) +38.00s; 4 S Tobin (Yamaha 400) +40.027s. Fastest lap: Dunlop 95.354mph.