Fundraising drive underway for stricken wife of Fermanagh road racer Paul Gartland

Jenny Gartland had her lower leg amputated earlier this year.
Jenny Gartland had her lower leg amputated earlier this year.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the wife of Irish road racer Paul Gartland, who had to have her lower leg amputated.

Jenny Gartland has suffered from a rare infection since she was just seven years old and underwent an emergency operation, which was carried out in a private clinic earlier this year.

The operation was a success, but Jenny has paid a heavy price as she comes to terms with losing a limb.

Having to cope with such a life-changing episode is a huge burden for anyone to bear, but Jenny suffered another setback after learning that she is not eligible for a free artificial leg from the health service in the Republic of Ireland, as her operation was carried out privately.

Her plight has been brought into focus by Road Racing Ireland Magazine and a fundraising page has been set up at to help towards the approximate £20,000 cost of an artificial leg and stump cup.

Jenny said she was ‘devastated’ to learn she would have to raise the funds herself for the prosthetics she requires.

“I am devastated as this wasn’t explained to me at the time,” she said.

“I was informed that I had to have the operation carried out immediately or there could have been serious repercussions to my life.

“Nobody explained the consequences by going private, that it would mean I wouldn’t be eligible for an artificial leg from our health board.”