NW200: Thursday's race and practice results

A round-up of all the results from the first three races at the Vauxhall International North West 200 plus a recap on the final combined qualifying times.

Friday, 12th May 2017, 10:33 am
Updated Monday, 15th May 2017, 9:27 am
The start of the Superstock race on Thursday evening at the Vauxhall International North West 200.

Five more races are scheduled on Saturday, including both of the feature Superbike races over seven laps.



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1 M Jessopp (Triumph) 28m 00.796s; 2 I Hutchinson (Yamaha) +0.772s; 3 J Hillier (Kawasaki) +1.229s; 4 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +1.461s; 5 L Johnston (Honda) +1.835s; 6 W Dunlop (Yamaha) +3.302s; 7 M Dunlop (Yamaha) +3.732s; 8 J Cowton (Kawasaki) +11.571s. Fastest lap: Harrison 116.423mph


1 A Seeley (BMW) 26m 22.328s; 2 L Johnston (BMW) +12.623s; 3 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +14.801s; 4 I Hutchinson (BMW) +32.001s; 5 M Jessopp (BMW) +32.209s; 6 J Hillier (Kawasaki) +49.101s; 7 D Sheils (Suzuki) +49.486s; 8 W Dunlop (Yamaha) +1m 11.200s. New lap record: Seeley 122.898mph


1 M Jessopp (Kawasaki) 19m 33.052s; 2 M Rutter (Kawasaki) +0.848s; 3 I Lintin (Kawasaki) +15.573s; 4 D Cooper (Kawasaki) +18.060s; 5 D Sheils (Kawasaki) +32.809s; 6 A McLean (Kawasaki) +36.386s; 7 J Cowton (Kawasaki) +43.849s; 8 C Elkin (Kawasaki) +1m 00.080s. New lap record: Jessopp 110.423mph



1. M Rutter Bathams (BMW) 122.345mph; 2 A (BMW) 121.811mph; 3 G Irwin (Ducati) 121.556mph; 4 M Dunlop (Suzuki) 121.510mph; 5 M Jessop (BMW) 121.311mph


1 A Seeley (Kawasaki) 116.812mph; 2 L Johnston (Honda) 116.289mph; 3 M Dunlop (Yamaha) 115.751mph; 4 M Jessopp (Triumph) 115.530mph; 5 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 115.466mph


1 A Seeley (BMW) 123.203mph; 2 M Rutter (BMW) 122.025mph; 3 L Johnston (BMW) 121.777 mph; 4 I Hutchinson (BMW) 121.278mph; 5 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 120.466mph


1 M Jessopp (Kawasaki)109.226mph; 2 M Rutter (Kawasaki) 108.799 mph; 3 D Cooper (Kawasaki) 107.910mph; 4 I Lintin (Kawasaki) 107.881mph; 5 L Johnston (Kawasaki) 107.758mph