Thursday's qualifying results from the North West 200

Qualifying has been completed at the North West 200, with Glenn Irwin taking pole position in the Superbike and Superstock classes on the Honda Racing UK Fireblade.

By Kyle White
Thursday, 12th May 2022, 4:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2022, 4:11 pm

Alastair Seeley claimed the top spot for the Supersport races, while Richard Cooper will head up the front row in the Supertwin races.

The first three races for Supersport, Superstock and Supertwin machines are scheduled for Thursday evening, with roads closed from 5pm to 9pm.

On Saturday, roads will close at 9.15am for a five-race programme, which includes both Superbike events.

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Glenn Irwin set a scorching pace in the Superbike class on his way to pole on the Honda Racing UK Fireblade.



1 G Irwin (Honda) 124.102mph

2 P Hickman (BMW) 123.042mph +2.242s

3 R Cooper (Suzuki) 122.32mph +3.791s

4 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 122.247mph +3.948s

5 M Dunlop (Suzuki) 122.211mph +4.027s

6 D Todd (Honda) 121.362mph +5.876s

7 J Hillier (Yamaha) 121.075mph +6.506s

8 J Brookes (Ducati) 120.919mph +6.849s


1 G Irwin (Honda) 122.008mph

2 A Seeley (Yamaha) 121.627mph +0.829s

3 D Todd (Honda) 121.399mph +1.328s

4 P Hickman (BMW) 121.214mph +1.733s

5 M Dunlop (Suzuki) 120.848mph +2.540s

6 L Johnston (BMW) 120.688mph +2.939s

7 R Cooper (Suzuki) 120.209mph +3.962

8 J McGuinness (Honda) 120.126mph +4.146s


1 A Seeley (Yamaha) 115.836mph

2 A McLean (Kawasaki) 115.644mph +0.436s

3 D Todd (Honda) 115.569mph +0.644s

4 M Dunlop (Yamaha) 115.119mph +1.736s

5 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 115.074mph +1.845s

6 J Hillier (Yamaha) 114.43mph +3.452s


1 R Cooper (Kawasaki) 110.608mph

2 P Yves Bian (Paton) 110.213mph +1.044s

3 P Jordan (Kawasaki) 109.92mph +1.827s

4 J Loughlin (Paton) 109.484mph +2.997s

5 J McWilliams (Paton) 109.432mph +3.136s

6 J Coward (Kawasaki) 109.002mph +4.300

7 M Dunlop (Kawasaki) 108.665mph +4.452s

8 L Johnston (Aprilia) 108.417mph +5.899s