TT 2022: Results of Saturday's RST Superbike race

A round-up of the results from the opening RST Superbike race at the Isle of Man TT.


1 P Hickman (BMW) 1h 43m 58.564s (New Race Record)

2 D Harrison (Kawasaki) +39.199s

Peter Hickman won the RST Superbike race on Saturday on the Gas Monkey Garage BMW M1000RR.

3 M Dunlop (Suzuki) +18.427s

4 I Hutchinson (BMW) +2m 00.457s

5 J McGuinness (Honda) +10.782s

6 J Coward (Yamaha) +0.438s

7 J Hillier (Yamaha) +25.439s

8 G Irwin (Honda) +6.851s

9 S Anderson (Suzuki) +49.795s

10 D Herberston (BMW) +30.173s

11 M Rutter (BMW) +0.504s

12 N Harrison (Honda) +1m 04.843s

13 R Hodson (Kawasaki) +15.065s

14 C Neve (BMW) +1m 12.093s

15 M Stevenson (BMW) +10.261s

16 M Goodings (Kawasaki) +1m 37.944s

Fastest lap: Hickman 133.461mph