TT 2022: Round-up of Thursday's qualifying results from the Isle of Man TT

A round-up of Thursday’s qualifying results at the Isle of Man TT as Peter Hickman upped the ante with a 133mph lap from a standing start.

By Kyle White
Friday, 3rd June 2022, 11:00 am
Updated Friday, 3rd June 2022, 11:03 am


1 P Hickman (BMW) 133.22mph

2 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 132.333mph +6.830s

Michael Dunlop was third fastest in the Superbike class with a lap of 131mph on the Hawk Racing Suzuki.

3 D Todd (Honda) 132.187mph +1.135s

4 M Dunlop (Suzuki) 131.44mph +5.840s

5 C Cummins (Honda) 130.867mph +4.524s

6 J McGuinness (Honda) 129.278mph +12.758s

7 J Hillier (Yamaha) 128.431mph +6.924s

8 J Coward (Yamaha) 127.977mph +3.757s

9 P Crowe (BMW) 127.686mph +2.416s

10 S Anderson (Suzuki) 126.989mph +5.833s


1 P Hickman (BMW) 129.91mph

2 D Todd (Honda) 128.933mph +7.923s

3 C Cummins (Honda) 128.733mph +1.639s

4 M Dunlop (Honda) 127.642mph +9.021s

5 I Hutchinson (BMW) 127.475mph +1.389s

6 J Hillier (Yamaha) 127.446mph +0.244s

7 J McGuinness (Honda) 127.399mph +0.390s

8 G Irwin (Honda) 126.689mph +5.978s

9 P Crowe (BMW) 126.042mph +5.498s

10 B McCormack (BMW) 125.549mph +4.238s


1 M Dunlop (Yamaha) 126.662mph

2 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 125. 653mph +8.606s

3 J Coward (Yamaha) 125.213mph +3.799s

4 L Johnston (Yamaha) 125.202mph +0.096s

5 D Todd (Honda) 124.014mph +10.393s

6 J Hillier (Yamaha) 123.784mph +2.030s

7 C Cummins (Honda) 123.617mph +1.486s

8 I Hutchinson (Yamaha) 123.336mph +2.503

9 M Dokoupil (Yamaha) 121.578mph +15.924s

10 M Browne (Yamaha) 121.352mph +2.082s


1 P Hickman (Paton) 120.994mph

2 M Dunlop (Paton) 120.965mph +0.267s

3 L Johnston (Aprilia) 118.454mph +23.804s

4 J Hind (Paton) 118.38mph +0.713s

5 P Jordan (Kawasaki) 117.873mph +4.934s

6 G Johnson (Kawasaki) 117.843mph +0.294s

7 R Hodson (Kawasaki) 117.594mph +2.434s

8 P Bian (Paton) 117.314mph +2.758s


1 B Birchall/T Birchall (LCR Honda) 117.516mph

2 R Crowe/C Crowe (LCR Honda) 115.564mph +19.517s

3 P Founds/J Walmsley (LCR Honda) 115.252mph +3.184s