TT 2022: Round-up of Tuesday's qualifying results from the Isle of Man TT

A round-up of Tuesday’s practice times at the Isle of Man TT as Dean Harrison topped the Superbike charts with a lap at over 131mph on his DAO Racing Kawasaki.

By Kyle White
Wednesday, 1st June 2022, 12:05 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st June 2022, 2:43 pm


1 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 131.767mph

2 D Todd (Honda) 131.655mph +0.877s

Dean Harrison clocked a 131mph to lead the Superbike times at the Isle of Man TT on Tuesday on the DAO Racing Kawasaki.

3 M Dunlop (Suzuki) 129.119mph +20.260s

4 P Hickman (BMW) 128.972mph +1.203s

5 C Cummins (Honda) 128.721mph +2.050s

6 J McGuinness (Honda) 128.644mph +0.632s

7 J Coward (Yamaha) 127.936mph +5.842mph

8 I Hutchinson (BMW) 127.716mph +1.829mph

9 D Herbertson (BMW) 126.538mph +9.906s

10 D Sheils (BMW) 126.401mph +9.906s


1 P Hickman (BMW) 130.695mph

2 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 127.468mph +26.308s

3 M Dunlop (Suzuki) 126.794mph +5.665s

4 I Hutchinson (BMW) 125.861mph +7.944s

5 N Harrison (Honda) 125.367mph +4.256s

6 P Crowe (BMW) 124.858mph +4.410s

7 B McCormack (BMW) 124.858mph +1.612s

8 S Anderson (Suzuki) 124.313mph +3.157s

9 C Neve (BMW) 124.31mph +0.027s

10 M Rutter (BMW) 124.135mph +1.542s


1 M Dunlop (Yamaha) 125.938mph

2 D Harrison (Kawasaki) 124.817mph +9.685s

3 L Johnston (Yamaha) 124.444mph +3.259s

4 J Coward (Yamaha) 123.838mph +5.343s

5 J Hillier (Yamaha) 122.501mph +1.968s

6 C Cummins (Honda) 121.885mph +5.609s


1 J Coward (Kawasaki) 119.775mph

2 P Hickman (Paton) 118.983 +7.545s

3 R Hodson (Kawasaki) 117.232mph +17.045s

4 L Johnston (Aprilia) 116.917mph +3.125s

5 G Johnson (Kawasaki) 116.843mph +0.732s

6 D Herbertson (Kawasaki) 116.652mph +1.911s


1 B Birchall/T Birchall 115.663mph

2 P Founds/J Walmsley 114.326mph +13.731s

3 R Crowe/C Crowe 112.545mph +18.799s

4 L Blackstock/P Rosney 111.164mph +14.977s

5 T Reeves/K Rousseau 110.768mph +4.366s

6 H Payne/M Wilkes 109.733mph +11.536s