FLASHBACK: Test your sporting knowledge

Test your sporting knowledge with our daily quiz:

Everton's Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Question 2
Everton's Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Question 2

1. Which cricket ground is the world’s largest in terms of capacity?

2. From which club did Everton sign striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin in August 2016?

3. Who won the 2020 men’s US Open in golf?

4. In what year did Mr Frisk set what is still the fastest time in the Grand National?

5. What is the maximum number of players allowed on the field at any one time for an NFL team?

6. Who is due to take over as head coach of the England Women’s national team in 2021?

7. Who is the all-time leading scorer in the NBA?

8. Fields Connor, the current men’s world No 1 in BMX racing, hails from which country?

9. Four sports are scheduled to make their Olympic debuts in Tokyo in 2021: karate, surfing, skateboarding, and which other?

10. Which Muhammad Ali bout came first: the “Thrilla in Manilla” or the “Rumble in the Jungle”?

1. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (100,024); 2. Sheffield United; 3. Bryson DeChambeau; 4. 1990; 5. 11; 6. Sarina Wiegman; 7. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 8. USA; 9. Sport climbing; 10. The Rumble in the Jungle (October 1974/October 1975).