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Test your sporting knowledge.

Rob Baxter.
Rob Baxter.

1. India defeated which side to win the 2011 Men’s Cricket World Cup final?

2. Rob Baxter is director of rugby at which club?

3. The five new sports at the 2021 Olympics will be sport climbing, skateboarding, karate, baseball/softball, and which other?

4. In what city do football teams Shelbourne and Bohemians play at home?

5. Who is the defending women’s champion at the Australian Open?

6. Which horse won the Grand National in 2017?

7. Which country won the last women’s Rugby World Cup, in Ireland in 2017.

8. After the New York Yankees with 27, which team has won the most baseball World Series?

9. Who is the reigning 100m women’s Olympic champion?

10. Who scored Southampton’s goal in their win over Liverpool on Monday night?

ANSWERS: 1. Sri Lanka; 2. Exeter Chiefs; 3. Surfing; 4. Dublin; 5. Sofia Kenin; 6. One For Arthur; 7. New Zealand; 8. St Louis Cardinals (11); 9. Elaine Thompson; 10. Danny Ings.