Daryl Gurney is ready to take a step into the unknown at Unibet Premier Darts League play-offs

Daryl Gurney will take a step into the unknown when he takes the stage at London’s 02 Arena to face Michael van Gurney in the Unibet Premier League playoff semi final.

Ahead of the Unibet Premier League Darts Finals are (from left) Daryl Gurney, Michael Van Gerwen, Rob Cross and James Wade
Ahead of the Unibet Premier League Darts Finals are (from left) Daryl Gurney, Michael Van Gerwen, Rob Cross and James Wade

It’s only Superchin’s second season in the tournament and the last four looked a long way off after losing 7-1 to Rob Cross and 7-0 to James Wade in week four and five.

“A few months ago it was still a dream and I just kept fighting and picking up points and then in the last few games I got seven points out of eight and I just managed to sneak in by a point, said Gurney.

Those results would have destroyed other players playing on Sky Sports in front of massive audiences it probably would have ruined their confidence but that is not what I’m about, if i gave up a the first hurdle i would have given up years ago.”

“It is all about hurdles sometimes playing darts and I have been playing that long you have to take the rough with the smooth and at the end of the day if you have belief in your own ability and the dedication to do the practice you can still come out of any bad scenario like now I’m at the O2 and after those results had anybody put money on for me to make it would have got massive odds and I’m here at the end of 16 weeks.”

The two time major PDC winner feels he has progressed from last year in the Premier League.

“I beat last year’s points (tally) by a few points, there has been a lot wins this year, last year was great to finish fifth and then in the second year to move up another spot finish fourth and make the playoffs.”

Gurney has never played at the 02 before but he’s just going to treat it as any other Premier League week.

“I’ve never played at the O2 so that is another new experience, I haven’t go a clue what the attendance is going to be so it’s just getting the preparation right like i was playing any where else and just get ready for a normal game like it’s another week in the Premier League.

Michael van Gerwen is Gurney’s last four opponent the Dutchman topped the table for a seventh consecutive year and has won four Premier League titles including the last three but Gurney has beaten him twice already in the competition this year.

“If I was beating him with 120 averages I’d be happy but I seem to get into a scrap with him and come out on top so if it is the same again hopefully I have the same result.”

“I think it comes down to just playing your own game a lot of times I would have been playing the man in the green shirt but now I have probably calmed down a bit just with probably with more experience and try to play my own game.”

The game could come down to finishing.

“Some nights I’m on the wire and some nights the go in at the end of the day you’re talking about two millimetres from seven foot away that you are either hitting you doubles or missing them, if my doubles go in and my scoring is usually there or there abouts i will be hard to beat.”