Childhood visits to a psychic inspires David's entire career

When David was a child he tragically lost his father to cancer and shocked by the loss, started visiting a medium in the hope of connecting with his father.

Little did he know then that the medium he put his trust in would later be the inspiration behind his television career.

“My interest in all of this started in 1996 when I was 13,” explained David,

“At the time my father’s death was incredibly sudden for me, although he had been sick with cancer for a long time. When he died it just wasn’t spoken about and I was back to school on Monday.

David Meade Picture by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye

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    “I didn’t know who to speak to so I went to a psychic who was three buses away in Limavady. I had been to a few psychics but this one just knocked my socks off. She knew everything about me that no-one else could know.

    “The more I went the more repetitive the story became and it didn’t have as big an impact. I went to her for nearly a year and I was spending money my dad had left me to buy a computer.

    “When I told her I didn’t think I would be coming back she was surprised because she had been astonishingly good. She obviously didn’t want to lose a regular customer so she gave me a pad and pen and told me to write down some questions, not to show her but if they came up in the reading it would prove she was contacting my father.

    “I wrote down a few things - ‘who got the watch?’ because my father had a watch that he told me for years I would get when he died but, not knowing this my mother gave it to my brother. I wrote ‘what piece of furniture got broken on the day of the funeral’ I have an aunt who tripped and knocked a leg off the bureau. Finally I wrote down the names Caitlin and Sophie because they had no connection to me at all.

    David Meade Picture by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye

    “Then I flicked through the pad and a few pages down there was carbon paper and it had taken an imprint of what I had written. All I could think was she was reading what I had written and I had to get out.”

    After that first experience David has visited psychics and mediums all over the world, fascinated by what they do and how they do it. “I became fascinated by it,” he continued. “If that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be doing what I do.”