Sir Michael Parkinson and Eamonn Holmes get wires crossed over Dame Helen Mirren

Michael ParkinsonMichael Parkinson
Michael Parkinson
Sir Michael Parkinson was involved in an awkward mix-up on breakfast TV when he turned to the subject of Dame Helen Mirren.

The veteran broadcaster famously introduced the stage and screen star as the "sex queen" of the Royal Shakespeare Company during their 1975 chat show encounter, and asked if her "equipment" hindered her being recognised as a serious actress.

Dame Helen later criticised the interview, calling the encounter "enraging".

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Interviewed on Good Morning Britain, Sir Michael said: "Your researcher raised the issue of my favourite actress, the one that I was supposed to be very rude to..."

Thinking he was talking about US actress Meg Ryan, Eamonn Holmes replied: "Yes, but you and I had that in common. She was rude to me before she was rude to you."

And Sir Michael replied: "Precisely."

Holmes continued: "The trouble is no-one believed me until she went on your show."

Sir Michael, who has previously said that the interview should be seen in the context of the time, said of his encounter with Dame Helen: "But that show was done... 50 years ago."

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Holmes replied: "Oh no, I'm not talking about her, I'm talking about Meg Ryan."

Holmes has previously opened up about his bad experience with Ryan while Sir Michael had a notoriously frosty experience.

"I think she has a phobia about being interviewed," Holmes said.

"Meg Ryan was a handful wasn't she?" Sir Michael added.