Carrickfergus writer pens smash hit new storytelling podcast

Carrickfergus writer Philip Catherwood has become an online sensation after penning a hit audio storytelling podcast ‘The Dial Up’.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 9:01 am

The sci-fi podcast has caught the attention of Buzzfeed, appearing on their top 15 list of podcasts for readers.

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“The idea for ‘The Dial-Up’ came to me when I thought “What if I could speak to someone from the 1990s?” explained Philip. “What questions would they ask me? What would they make of our current pandemic that has shut down the world? Would they be impressed with the iPhone? Or the fact we don’t have robots, we just have ‘Alexa’. These thoughts became the basis for ‘The Dial-Up’ – a nostalgic filled, puzzlebox sci-fi mystery, with a sharp comparison of our current day, and the 90s era.”

‘The Dial Up’ follows Callum and Lewis who find each other on a seemingly random internet voice call. Easy mistake. Can happen to anyone… But the more they talk, the more they both realise they are speaking to each other from two different times. One in 2022, one in 1999. How has this happened? What’s connecting these two strangers? And most importantly, are either of them smart enough to figure it out?

You can listen to ‘The Dial Up’, starring Craig McDonald-Kelly and David Hepburn, on any podcast platform.