Go exploring at the 
NI Science Festival

At this year’s NI Science Festival, Northern Ireland’s annual celebration of you, the universe and everything in between, the National Geographic Society will host a Virtual Explorer Series which features four prominent National Geographic Explorers sharing insight into their inspiring research and remarkable careers.

By Julie-Ann Spence
Friday, 12th February 2021, 8:57 am

It forms part of the festival’s 2021 programme, which runs from Monday February 15 – Sunday February 28 and boasts over 120 online public events as well as a dedicated schools and educators’ programme.

The series will be free to view and available via the festival’s website.

The National Geographic Explorers include Marine biologist Lucy Hawkes, whose scientific research papers on the topic of migration have been cited over 2,300 time. She will discuss her work on “animal athletes”, the astonishing migrations made by some of the greatest migrators on the planet including deep-diving basking sharks and high-flying bar-headed geese.

Award-winning natural history photographer and an active research scientist Jeff Kerby, whose work with the National Geographic Society has helped to visually document changes to Arctic flora and fauna, will share his experiences of his work in these remote landscapes and the technology he uses to construct a visual narrative of the natural world.

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    TV Presenter and wildlife filmmaker Malaika Vaz, the co-founder of Untamed Planet, a film production house aimed at bringing conservation programming onto mainstream television globally, will discuss her work investigating transnational wildlife crime as well as her recent on documenting the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable migrant workers in India.

    In the final discussion of the series, bioengineer and 2011 National Geographic Emerging Explorer Kakani Katija will talk about her research which focuses on the development of underwater technologies to better observe biological and physical processes where they happen in the ocean.

    For more information about the Virtual Explorer Series and to book, visit NIScienceFestival.com.