Sisters committed to Carrickfergus Jail for stealing (1821)

The following persons had been committed to Carrickfergus Jail during this week in 1821 reported the News Letter.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 10:00 am
Carrickfergus Castle. Picture: Brian Little/News Letter archives
Carrickfergus Castle. Picture: Brian Little/News Letter archives

Elizabeth and Mary Allen, “charged with stealing, livery coats, waistcoats, boots and a hat”, out of Mr Younghusband’s harness-room at Ballydrain in the night of June 4, 1821.

The report continued: “They were detected in town with their booty, between four and five o’clock on Friday morning by one of the constables of the watch.”

John Parkhill, “charged by the verdict of a coroner’s inquest with giving George Williamson a blow on the head, on the 1st of April, which caused his death on the 12th following.”

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Parkhill was apprehended in his house by a constable of the watch, “after threatening some resistance”.

John Hull, “charged with breaking into and robbing Mr Gamble’s store”.

Of Hull it was noted: “He was employed for some time as a sawyer in Mr Gamble’s yard, and had concealed himself in the stable the evening previous the robbery; the store being inclosed [sic] by high walls he could neither be seen nor heard by the watchman; but by much perseverance on the part of Mr Gamble and the police, a chain of such conclusive evidence was established against him, as justified his being fully committed.”