Acclaimed psychic comin to Dungannon

ADAM Higgs is an internationally acclaimed Psychic, Spiritual Medium and Healer who is renowned for his ‘no – nonsense’ style.

He gives readings that are astonishingly accurate and has become well known as the ‘Truth-Speaker’.

He is skilled with all aspects of divination including Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball and Palmistry. His readings go straight to the core of the issue and when you leave you know that the information he has shared is accurate and all about YOU! He has a powerful presence which instils a great calm upon his clients.

Since moving to Southern California in 2006 his unique skills have been in much demand and his refreshing, direct approach ensures that his reputation in Hollywood is growing fast!

He has appeared on television and radio shows giving live demonstrations of his skills and always amazing his audience with his insight and accuracy. He was the resident Psychic for the breakfast TV show ‘TVAM’ on TV3 in Ireland from 2000 – 2004. He has also appeared as a guest on many shows on RTE and the BBC in Ireland and England.

His mediumship and channelling skills have been internationally recognised and garnered an invitation to The International Mystery School ‘The Arthur Findlay College’ in England at the young age of 30.

He has the remarkable ability to communicate with those who have ‘passed over’ and was ordained by the ‘Christian Fellowship of Light, Forum Foundation’ in Santa Fe, New Mexico as a result of this unique skill. He has given public demonstrations in many locations in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the USA, always drawing a large audience.

Adam is currently touring Ireland and will be appearing at the following venues:

The Pheasant, Annahilt, Hillsborough on Wednesday 20th February, from 2pm to 9pm

Hagan’s Bar, Dungannon, Friday 22nd February from 2pm – 9pm

Dobbin’s Hotel, Carrickfergus, on Saturday 23rd February from 11am – 4 pm.