Children warned as syringes discovered

Parents have been warned after dirty syringes, suspected of being used for drug taking, were discovered in a Portadown estate.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 10:56 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 10:57 am

Edgarstown Residents Association said they were found this week in an alley close to pensioners’ homes.

The group said: “Parents please warn your children of the dangers of lifting syringes.

“These were found in the estate and removed by the maintenance team.”The discovery has been greeted with horror and concern by local councillors, who were also mindful of the harm the syringe could do if they had been found by children.

Syringes discovered in Portadown housing estate

It also prompted an appeal to those using drugs to ‘wise up’ as they were not only putting themselves at risk but also the safety of others.

Lord Mayor, Cllr Julie Flaherty said: “I am horrified to learn that evidence of drug use has been discovered in the Edgarstown area.”

The Ulster Unionist Cllr added: “It is disgraceful that some people are taking part in this risk taking behaviour so close to where children are playing, not only are they putting themselves at risk but they are endangering others in the process. Thank goodness that the Edgarstown Residents Group are active on the ground and were able to discard this paraphernalia before a young person picked it up.”

DUP Cllr Darryn Causby said: “I am alarmed that someone would be so reckless to leave these syringes laying on the street. There has been no regard for the safety of residents and in particular children and these people need to wise up.

Syringes discovered in Portadown housing estate

“It is fortunate that these syringes were spotted by the residents and removed by the ERA volunteers. The work they are doing is valuable to the community and this only highlights that further.”