Police issue warning to parents after receiving reports of arranged fight

Police officers across Mid and East Antrim have issued an appeal to parents to know what their children are up to this weekend after hearing of a possible arranged fight in the region.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th December 2019, 2:45 pm

Commenting on social media, Sgt McIlroy said: “Parents, talk of an arranged fight this weekend involving youths from Carrick and Larne. We won’t be allowing them to cause a disturbance or ruin the weekend for locals. If you can’t keep hold of them this weekend, you can be sure we will.”

The appeal was issued following an incident close to Carrick Train Station last weekend.

Sgt McIlroy stated: “Last Saturday evening we got reports of a fight ongoing near Carrick Train station - Were you involved in this bust up?


“Are you planning round 2 this weekend? So are we! Anyone caught trying to fight like a man will be treated as such. You won’t be brought home to your parents, they’ll be summoned to see you- in a cell.”