Mobility scooter rider has 'miraculous escape'

A man riding a mobility scooter said he had a miraculous escape from injury after colliding with a lorry.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 5:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 5:32 pm

The scooter was virtually flattened by the impact at Market Street in Magherafelt town centre.

The man, who didn't want to be named, said he was not injured in the collision although he was left shocked. "I'm now left with no way of getting out and about the town," he said.

Police said in a social media post that "mobility scooters and lorries do not mix."

Mobility scooter was flattened in the collision

"A very fortunate escape for the rider of this one in town this afternoon," they say in their post.

"If you use one of these or know someone who uses one, show them and keep this picture in mind the next time you attempt to cross the road.

"In line of sight terms you are no more visible than a child to drivers. If there is gap in traffic remember you could be crossing right in the blind spot of a lorry, bus or car.

"There are various opinions on mobility scooters being on roads and pavements but they are covered by the Highway Code and law.

"Class 2 vehicles are those with an upper speed limit of 4 mph are designed to be used on pavements."