A letter from WA Miller:

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Sunday, 24th April 2022, 9:15 am
Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Louis Shawcross in his letter concerning media reporting and commenting on the war in the Ukraine (‘More than 14,000 people killed in Donbass, about which we hear little,’ April 22) might have noted an exception to our hearing little about it in the minority viewing BBC 4.

A couple of weeks ago it repeated an earlier showing of the misery in which people were living in Donbass under the harassment of sporadic bombardment.

However, the matter is more than the appalling failure of the media and those who work in it.

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What is going on in Brussels with its ambition to extend its empire eastwards under the umbrella of Nato, as well as what is going on in Washington, with a president obsessed with bringing war criminals before an international court (the jurisdiction of which Washington does not recognise as covering the United States) are what the media also fails to question.

London under Boris is seen as keen to be in on the action or he is merely trying to show the empire builders in Brussels that despite Brexit London is a good ally of Brussels in its empire building and that being so the language of the NI Protocol be given a further interpretation?

WA Miller, BT13