Letter: Priest deserves the thanks and support of pro-life Christians for bravely speaking out to protect the unborn

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Letters to editor
A letter from Dr JT Hardy:

Does abortion possibly now account for over 40% of global human deaths per year, and account for one death (or more) per second?

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A Queen’s University Belfast tutor, who taught us human embryology in the 1980s, memorably commented on how many organs and tissues are formed in the first trimester (first third) of pregnancy.

The second and third trimester sees massive growth, but many body parts are already plainly visible in the NHS website's Dating Scan at around three months.

We rightly lament the trauma and loss of neonates in Gaza, as a result of conflict between Hamas and Israel. But are 20 or more unborn children killed per day on average, as a result of abortion in the Republic of Ireland?

The Israeli Defence Forces (and also Hamas) will one day be called to account for their actions, as will abortion clinic staff and politicians who support abortion.

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Father John McCallion deserves the thanks and support of pro-life Christians, for bravely speaking out to protect the unborn.

Bible, conscience and science support the church tradition of opposing abortion.

Should parish and denominational magazines be running the 'Dating Scan' image as we enter Advent, and celebrate Our Lord taking human flesh in the Virgin Mary's womb?

Dr James Hardy, Belfast BT5