Election 2022: Mervyn Storey loses seat after 19 years

DUP stalwart Mervyn Storey has lost his seat in North Antrim, it has emerged.

Mervyn Storey in News Letter footage as captured yesterday
Mervyn Storey in News Letter footage as captured yesterday

Patricia O'Lynn from the Alliance Party secured the constituency's fourth seat.

Mr Storey has been a major figure in the party, having served twice as a minister. He's held a seat in North Antrim for 19 years.

The final results in North Antrim are:

Robin Swann (UUP)

Philip McGuigan (Sinn Féin)

Jim Allister (TUV)

Paul Frew (DUP)

Kate Nicholl

Patricia O'Lynn (Alliance)

.Alliance Party candidate Nick Mathieson has just won a seat in Strangford.

Notably the TUV have failed to make a breakthrough in Strangford but the UUP's Mike Nesbitt has won the last seat.

Also three assembly members have been elected after the sixth count in West Tyrone.

Diane Dodds

The DUP's Tom Buchanan, the SDLP's Daniel McCrossan and Sinn Féin's Maolíosa McHugh will all be sitting in the next assembly.

There is one seat still to call in the constituency.

Meanwhile the DUP's Diane Dodds has been elected in Upper Bann.

And that's also good news for Ulster Unionist leader Doug Beattie.

Mervyn Storey

It appears her surplus vote - which is shared out as part of Northern Ireland's single transferable vote (STV) system - will help get Beattie over the line for the fifth, and last seat, in the constituency.

Alan Robinson from the DUP has been elected in East Londonderry.

He joins colleague Maurice Bradley, with three seats left in contention in that constituency.

The DUP's Keith Buchanan has been elected in Mid Ulster.

Mr Buchanan was the first declared seat of the day at Magherafelt count centre.

Also the Alliance Party's Paula Bradshaw was the first elected today to Belfast South.

Keith Buchanan

The Alliance Party has notched up another gain with two MLAs – Paula Bradshaw and Kate Nicholl – elected in South Belfast.

Green Party leader Clare Bailey lost her seat in the same constituency in the final stage of the count at the Titanic Exhibition Centre today (Saturday).

Deirdre Hargey (Sinn Fein), Edwin Poots (DUP) and Matthew O’Toole (SDLP) were also elected in the constituency.

The late Christopher Stalford – who held a seat in the constituency for the DUP until his sudden death earlier this year – was remembered in acceptance speeches.

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Rosemary Barton, who is set to lose her seat in Fermanagh and South Tyrone to party colleague Tom Elliott, has said the UUP must not forget conservative voters.

Party leader Doug Beattie is clinging on for his seat in Upper Bann amid a poor election for the party.

Ms Barton said that what happens next, if Mr Beattie fails to be elected, is up to the party leader.

“I’m not sure what has gone wrong, but I think we do need to, perhaps, look at the strategies we have for the future,” she told PA news agency.

“We have to be progressive but we also cannot forget about those that are slightly more conservative. They have got to be brought along also. That’s something that the party must be very mindful of.”

Asked about the fate of Mr Beattie, if he does lose his seat, she said: “I think the decision is up to Doug what he does.

“He has only been party leader for nine months.

“I think he’s got to perhaps look at the direction he’s taking. Not necessarily go but review – review how he can perhaps improve what we’ve been left with at the end of today.”

Justin McNulty, the SDLP candidate elected in Newry and Armagh, admitted his party was hoping for some “Lazarus” moments on Saturday.

He told the PA news agency in the Magherafelt count centre: “It has been a great night for the SDLP in Newry and Armagh, we have weathered the storm.

“We have taken the scenic route, but we came back with more votes than the last election so l am delighted.”

“Hope has won out.”

Asked about the SDLP results across Northern Ireland, Mr McNulty said: “It is looking pretty poor at this point, but some Lazarus moments may happen yet.

“We will remain hopeful.

“The tide was against us during this election but we have run a very powerfully positive campaign.”

The FULL result in Belfast South is:

Deirdre Hargey (Sinn Fein)

Edwin Poots (DUP)

Matthew O’Toole (SDLP)

Paula Bradshaw (Alliance)

Kate Nicholl (Alliance)