NI politician reports Twitter troll who threatens acid attack

DUP MLA Christopher Stalford has reported a man who threatened him with an acid attack on social media.

By Gemma Murray
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 3:03 pm
The Tweet that shows the threat online
The Tweet that shows the threat online

The threat came after Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage pressed charges against a man who threw a milkshake at him while campaigning in Newcastle.

In response to the incident, Mr Stalford yesterday posted a message reading: "Milkshake today. Acid tomorrow", to which one user wrote: "COMPETITION TIME. First person to milkshake Christopher Stalford will receive £100 from me."

However another user, calling himself Jack replies saying: "I'll go £150 for acid."

Then Mr Stalford replies with: "I don't know Jack but I have reported him to the police".