Wordle spin off games: 10 puzzles to try after finishing today's Wordle - including Nerdle and Crosswordle

One Wordle a day isn’t enough - thankfully there are plenty of Wordle spin off games that can keep us entertained.

By Sarah McCann, Search and Trends Writer
Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 5:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th February 2022, 9:44 am

Wordle, the popular daily word guessing game is played by millions of users every day.

But the game only gives you one word a day, leaving many players looking for an alternative.

Thankfully, due to its popularity, there are plenty of Wordle spin off games dedicated to a variety of topics like numbers, geography and even Lord of the Rings.

Wordle spin-off games: 11 puzzles to try after finishing today's Wordle - including Nerdle and Crosswordle.

Wordle creator, Josh Wardle, has said that he “loves” the spin offs that his game has created.

To give you something to do after finishing your daily Wordle, we've put together ten of the best Wordle spin off games.

NerdleIf numbers are more your thing then Nerdle is the game for you.

Basically the mathematical version of Wordle, Nerdle has its players work to figure out an equation.

Instead of letters you can use the number, 0123456789 and symbols +-*/=”, but your guess must be mathematically correct.

If you find this version too hard, you change to "mini Nerdle" using the settings icon, which is an "easier mode with six columns”.

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WorldleFor anyone keen on travelling and geography, Worldle is the game for you.

Players are shown the outline of a country and given six guesses to figure out what it is.

With each guess you are given hints showing how many kilometres your guess is from the correct answer.

Lordle of the RingsThis is one for Lord of the Rings fans.

Lordle of the Rings allows users to have a go at guessing words that are related to the Lord of the Rings triology.

Created by fans, it follows the exact same format as Wordle and there are 47 word options to choose from.

SweardleSweardle is Wordle but with, you guessed it, swear words.

This rude version of the game follows the same format as Wordle, but maybe is one you shouldn't play in the office.

BikleFor cycling enthusiasts, Bikle challenges you to guess the surnames of pro-cyclists.

Using the same format as Wordle, the answer could be, “a legend from the past, a well known name of the present, or a domestique who loves breaking away”.

SquirdleThis one is for Pokemon fans.

Squirdle is a Pokemon themed version of Wordle, which challenges you to guess the names of Pokemon.

You have eight guesses and hints are given based on the Pokemon's generation, height and weight, and what type it is - either one or two.

CrosswordleA popular spin off is Crosswordle which combines the game of crossword with Wordle.

You have to guess two words of varying lengths that intersect.

The best part is, you have an unlimited number of guesses.

LetterleLetterle challenges you to guess one single letter instead of a whole word.

You have an unlimited number of guesses, so in theory could just work your way through the alphabet.

NumbleAnother mathematical version, Numble is similar to Nerdle, in that you are trying to find the answer to an equation.

But, the game gives you a hint at the beginning to help you find a solution.

Wordle UnlimitedIf Wordle is the only game for you and you want to play more than one game a day, then Wordle Unlimited is for you.

This version allows you to play as many games as you want.

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