Best electric heaters UK 2022: portable electric, ceramic, fan heaters from Dimplex, De’Longhi, Silentnight

The best electric heaters for winterThe best electric heaters for winter
The best electric heaters for winter | Shutterstock

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From electric, to ceramic and fan - these are the best portable heaters to keep individual rooms cosy without racking up energy bills

The problem for many, especially in the age of home-working and amid the current cost of living crisis, is that heating your home can be costly and most of the time you only really want the heat in the one room you are in.

What are the benefits of an electric heater?

That’s where an electric (also known as a space heater) can come in handy. These machines come in a range of sizes and designs and have a variation of features, (and a broad price spectrum too), but the one thing they all have in common is that they can heat you - (or in some cases, a room) quickly and efficiently.

Which heater works for me?

There are a range of things to consider when buying a space heater. There’s your budget to think about, and also the space you have available in your home to place a heater.

Then, how do you want to use it? Are you after a blast of instant heat? That’s a fan heater.

A direct current of heat you can sit or stand in front of? A ceramic heater will work.

A radiator-style heater, that pumps out a steady stream of low level heat to warm a room? Oil-filled is your best bet.

Consider how the heat is radiated, as well. Fan activated heaters are very effective but noisy, which can be an encumbrance for some. Others use airflow design to emit heat, which is quieter, and effective, but tends to be rather more expensive.

Whichever heater you choose, it’s sure to be a valuable addition to your gadget collection as winter settles in.

Here are ten of the best electric heaters on the market right now which will help you go from cool to toasty in no time at all.

We’ve chosen heaters which are suitable for all room sizes and all budgets, so there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

Stay warm for less this winter

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Want to blast your room with heat in an instant? The Dyson AM09 is the model for you. It’s not cheap, no, but you’ll be toasty in an instant.

How? It has a bladeless technology called ‘Jet Focus’ (ha!) that pulls in air then multiples its flow by 1500%, before blasting it out across the room.

What that makes for is a uniformly heated airflow that will heat your room steadily and swiftly. If you’re the kind that likes to drape themselves over a warm heater like a cat, this isn’t going to satisfy, but if you’re after a perfectly heated room in an instant, you can’t do better.

With a tilted base for focused airflow, an oscillating function to cover the whole room, and a remote control for lazy use!

Heavenly warmth, and energy efficient, too.


A wee heater that achieves impressive things, this one. With two settings, it pumps out a blast of instant heat (this is one for languishing in front of if you want to get roasty toasty in a moment).

It’s a small model but capable of heating rooms of around 55m³, while also working perfectly for your home office if you want a heater to keep you cosy as you work.

Fabulously, this model has a motion sensor that will detect humans, switching on and off accordingly, so you won’t waste money heating a room if you’re not in there, but it will whir to life as soon as you’re within range. Good for energy efficiency.

With a tilt switch that cuts the power if the heater’s knocked over, a one-to-seven hour timer and a thermal fuse which shuts it down if it’s overheated.

Von Haus 7 Fin 1500W Oil Filled Radiator

Fan heaters cause a form of heating hokey-cokey: when they’re on, you rapidly get too hot, then when they’re off, the heat dissipates.

An oil-filled heater isn’t as sexy or as satisfying: no draping over instant warmth here, but will steadily heat a room and keep it to an ideal temperature for a cost-effective running use.

The timer means you can heat your bedroom to an ideal temperature in time for when you emerge from bed, although this heater will make a smidge of noise as it heats up (nothing compared to a fan heater).

With a thermostat and overheat protection, this is a trustworthy piece of kit that will serve you well.


This is a luxury convection heater with 2,000W of power, two heat levels and an elegant glass front panel with a built-in LCD display and touch controls.

It has a thermostat which is adjustable from 15 - 35°C, a temperature sensor and a frost detector.

The heater is characterised by quick and quiet warmth, as well as high durability.

It’s suitable as a freestanding or wall mounted device in rooms up to 70m³/30m² and the package includes wall mounting materials and feet.

This elegant looking heater will enhance your space and ensure pleasant interior temperatures all week long - no matter how cold it is outside

Available in black or white.

Currys PC World

Get warmth, light and even music from a single device with this multipurpose gadget.

Place it on your porch or any nook in your home to make it cosier and instantly much warmer.It might have more than one function, but this is a highly effective electric heater.

With its 1500 W of power, it will quickly heat up and keep everyone in the room warm. Turn it on with the button switch or use the included remote control.

What really makes this machine stand out is its built-in colour LED light and Bluetooth speaker. The low-energy LED light on the top gradually changes colour and emits a pleasant glow when it gets dark.

Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to connect wirelessly to the integrated speaker and play from the internet or your device’s content. You can also change playlists or adjust the volume without leaving the comfort of your seat.

This is an online only purchase and not available in store.


The portable electric fan compact heater is the ideal solution for instantaneous heat in a smaller space, including the bedroom, office, conservatory, garage, outbuilding, mobile home or caravan.

With two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat, it is very easy to use.

There is an issue: this is cheap to buy but expensive to operate and will super-charge your energy bills, so it’s not a long-term saving.

For added safety it features an automatic shut off, ensuring that the heater will cut out if it gets too hot. The built-in frost protection avoids the room temperature from falling below 5°C too.

This fan also has a cool air setting, so it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Its compact styling also makes it easy to move from room to room so you can move it around the home with you all through the day.


Powerful and compact, this 2000W convection heater with its freestanding design is ideal for offices, studios and workshops.

Featuring three heat settings (750W, 1250W, and 2000W) and an adjustable thermostat, it offers a range of easily adjustable options, to suit every preference so you can decide how much heat you need.

Overheat protection and thermal cutoff features ensure safety whilst in use too so you know you can leave it to heat up a room with no worries.


This hot and cold fan is ideal for year round use to provide hot or cold air just when you need it.

It’s a feature packed machine, with touch screen, Bluetooth operation and remote control.

There’s also three cooling speeds including turbo, three heat settings including intelligent eco heat mode, 12 hour runback timer and powerful 2.5kW heat output.

This has everything you need to efficiently deliver hot air in the winter and a refreshing breeze during the summer, and you can operate it via a Bluetooth app so adjusting the settings to suit your needs couldn’t be easier.


This tower heater has a safe and efficient ceramic heating element that provides fast and powerful spot heat safely, thanks to the self-regulating heat output.

The motorized swing helps to heat up the room more evenly for a cleaner air outflow and a better atmosphere.

The heater offers frost protection, is thermostatically controlled and also has a timer so you can control when the heater is on or off, according to how warm you want your room to be.