Northern Ireland diesel and petrol prices rise but home heating oil costs fall, latest figures show

Average fuel prices have continued to rise in most areas of Northern Ireland over the past week, the latest figures from the Northern Ireland Consumer Council’s weekly price checker shows.

By Niall Deeney
Thursday, 17th March 2022, 4:15 pm
Updated Friday, 18th March 2022, 9:10 am

The figures, published on Thursday, provide a regional breakdown with average prices for both diesel and petrol.

The cheapest average diesel prices were found in Ballymena, with a price of 169.9p.

Last week’s figures, published on March 10, showed the lowest average diesel price could be found in Newtownabbey with 153.9p per litre.

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Fuel pumps at Petrol Station.Shot with Lensbaby.

Average diesel prices increased in all but one of the 27 areas surveyed by the consumer council — Craigavon, which topped the list for the most expensive diesel when the figures were compiled last time around. There, prices dropped from an average of 186.9p per litre of diesel last week to a figure of 173.9p this week, which is more in line with the prices on offer elsewhere in Northern Ireland.

For petrol, the figures paint a similar story.

Average prices increased in almost all areas of Northern Ireland, except Newry where the average cost of a litre of petrol remained the same at 159.9p and in Omagh where it dropped by a fraction of a penny from an average price of 164.1p last week to 163.7p this week.

The cheapest average prices for a litre of diesel could be found in Ballymena, where the price was 169.9p.

For petrol, the cheapest average could be found in Carrickfergus with a per-litre price of 157.9p.

The highest average diesel price could be found this week in Magherafelt, with prices of 177.2p per litre.

The highest average petrol prices, meanwhile, were also found in Magherafelt with an average price of 177.2p per litre.

The average price of home heating oil, however, has dropped significantly since last week’s figures were compiled but remains around or above £1 per litre for all three quantities surveyed by the consumer council.

The average cost of 300 litres of kerosene in Northern Ireland has come down from £409.36 on March 10 to £317.28 by Thursday.

For 500 litres the average price was £513.53 on Thursday, compared to £662.86 a week ago and for 900 litres the figure dropped from £1181.53 to £899.58.